Sustainability in Style!

It’s hard to top tech house at Shady Park, but this weekend we’re about to put the icing on the cake at Destructo: Bass Couture is going to be providing biodegradable glitter for all you beautiful people on Friday night. Glitter seems to be a trending topic lately, but with Bass Couture, you can feel confident rocking Celestial Savage, Galaxy Queen, Eat My Stardust or one of the many other options they provide without worrying about hurting the environment.

Glitters featured: Space Grunge and Eat My Stardust

Bass Couture is all about being eco-friendly and fashionable, while being able to rock your festival look. I know I always walk around feeling like a rockstar after I’ve got Bass Couture on my face (and hair, and body…you get the idea)! Plus, I never feel guilty after a long night of dancing and I’m ready to hop in the shower— ‘cuz the glitter is plant-based and decomposes over time. Talk about a win-win!

Founders Sara and Tori never want you to have to choose between feeling good about the Earth and looking good; they know you can do both!

This Friday, they are going to be at Shady Park to “glitterfy you” before the show, for free! The catch? There is none, just give them a follow on Instagram, Twitter or like their Facebook! The booth will be set up as soon as doors open so bring your squad (guys, you can rock glitter too, #GlitterBeards anyone?) and get eco-friendly glitterfied! Make sure to show off that sustainable style on your socials and give them a tag.

Can’t make it to the event? Still want to indulge in biodegradable glitter for festival season? Not a problem! You can purchase biodegradable glitter from here and find out what Bass Couture is all about!

All photos in this post provided by Bass Couture.

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