SCHADE is an electronic dance music artist grabbing attention from the likes of  Dr Fresch, Bijou, Joyryde, Wax Motif, 4B, to name a few. Having joined Bijou on select cities during his Super Phat Tour, SCHADE’s unique take of house and bass (with the added touches of Spanish vocals and unique energy bass rhythms) has made him an artist to watch in this big house music comeback in the last half-decade. Recently this past year, SCHADE joined up with Space Yacht to throw a unique show, utilizing the sounds of the west coast house and bass sound, calling it SCHADEFORNIA, with plans to take the show into the beyond.

RHR: Welcome to AZ, especially Shady Park! How’s your experience been so far?

SCHADE: Shady Park was dope !!!!!! It felt like an oasis of house music in a desert of frat parties and bar crawls, courtesy of ASU

RHR: Hit up any good food spots? How’s does it feel to be a part of this tour?

SCHADE: Steak n’ Shake! Big fire! 

The tour is dope, I’m really glad Bijou brought me on. I’ve learned sooo much! Def a great experience

RHR: What are your favorite parts of touring?

SCHADE: My fav part of touring is playing to brand new faces and also landing back home.

RHR: Your album WEST COAST HOUSE recently came out, other than the West Coast itself, where does a lot of your inspiration from?

SCHADE: West Coast house was inspired by where I grew up, of course, and the culture. The line “CA knows how to party” is true and I think the parties have helped me a lot because I love seeing people enjoy themselves. I think that’s what I strive for the most and what inspires me the most.

RHR: My favorite track is NO SOY IGUAL,  probably because it’s Spanish and it strikes a small culture chord, do you plan to include more of those Hispanic roots in your music?

SCHADE: No soy igual was a test for what’s to come: it’s actually the biggest track on the album and that’s awesome, I plan on releasing an entire Spanish EP with my vocals on it again and maybe others as well.

RHR: What can Schade fans expect in 2019?

SCHADE: I’m planning to bring my show “Schadeifornia” to other cities, as well as trying for festival Billings and of course Music Music Music!

RHR: If you could give any advice to upcoming producers, what would it be?

SCHADE: My advice is to anyone trying to do something in music is to be yourself! As corny and cliche as it sounds, it’s important to express the person you really are because it’s easy to tell when you’re not being genuine


You can listen to the whole WEST COAST HOUSE album here.


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