RHR presents: Interview with Blossom on her new Night Bass EP

Blossom, London-born but raised in Arizona, has the whole scene SHOOK. From the Happy Camper to her out-of state-shows, she has shown Arizona the definition of girl power! She is an inspiration to us all. With her signature pink hair, her vibrancy and enthusiasm for music shows in all her high-energy sets. Blossom is making some serious moves and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented artist.

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Her new three-track EP ‘Big Shot,’ released on Night Bass, is something special. The EP showcases her style perfectly: a triple threat of fun, energy and excitement. Blossom is certainly not your average girl-next-door, and her EP shows it. With its party-ready, body-groovin’ vibes, it’s surely an album not to be missed.

Blossom killin’ it at CRUSH ARIZONA 2019

1. When making this EP, what was your inspiration??

After releasing my track for the NB Freshman EP & the collab with Bijou on his Super Phat EP, I knew it was time to get working on my own EP. I love vocal-driven tracks and really wanted to do something with original vocals, so the tracks I built were centered around the idea that there would be vocals in there. At first I just used samples, and they stuck with ‘DYTAM,’ but ‘Big Shot’ & ‘Anime’ were destined for something more. I feel like these tracks really balance out my styles… more fun and upbeat with ‘Big Shot’ and ‘Anime’, and a darker vibe with ‘DYTAM.’

2. What is your favorite track on the EP?

My favorite track on the EP is ‘Big Shot’ with TT The Artist. That idea came together really quickly—I wrote the lead synth melody and within an hour, I had most of the track built out. I originally had a vocal sample in there (I have a hard time writing a track without a vocal concept) but when I sent the track to AC, he offered to connect me with TT to put some original vocals on it since he knew the track would be perfect for her. She sent back her acapella for the track a week or two later, and the song was done.

3. Who do you look up to the most when it comes to making music?

I really appreciate the work ethics of guys like Taiki Nulight & Chris Lorenzo. They constantly reinvent the wheel for UK house & bassline with a steady flow of new music. AC has always been a huge inspiration for me and a big reason why I’ve fallen in love with that UK sound.

4. You’re playing a dope show for Miami Music Week, how do you feel about that? What are you most excited about?

Even at the beginning of the year, I didn’t think about MMW as being in the realm of possibilities for my year. It feels really exciting to keep hitting little milestones, even ones that I didn’t realize were possible. I think that’s the best part of the early stages of a career; every opportunity that comes by is exciting, unexpected, and meaningful. I’m really happy that my first show in Miami is with Night Bass because they’ve been nothing but welcoming to me. This will be my first show on the East Coast, so that’s really cool too.

5. Going back to your roots, what was the very first show you ever played?

My first show ever was at Baja Sharkeez when I was in DJ/Production school in LA. I played back-to-back with my best friend Chuck, and we rode on a party bus (it was actually just a school bus) to get there. I remember being so anxious to play but it was soooo low-key and Chuck had played out before so he helped to guide me. My first show in Phoenix was the 2015 Global Dance Fest DJ Competition.

6. Being apart of Night Bass is a huge deal, and you’re such an inspiration to other DJs/ Producers. How did your journey with Night Bass start?

My journey with Night Bass started at production school where Petey Clicks was one of my production teachers. I had just started listening to Night Bass through a recommendation from a friend but didn’t think much about it then—I really knew nothing about labels and the industry in general so didn’t realize the significance of the label. I just thought it was cool music. After that summer in school, I came back to Phoenix and started playing shows out here. By then, I was really into playing UK house and bassline and was really interested in the Night Bass label. I was booked to open up for AC when he came to Phoenix in December 2015, and he had known who I was through Petey. We made the connection then, and I hustled to try to play on all of the Night Bass shows when they came through town. When I finally sent AC music early last year, we’d already known each other for a few years.

7. If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring artists, what would it be?

When I first played that show with AC in 2015, I never would’ve imagined releasing on his label a few years later. All of the shows that I hustled to be on were because I loved the music and just wanted to get to be a part of the event. I had no real ulterior motive—releasing with them wasn’t even on my mind. Over the years, I’ve tried to make friends and connections, and I’ve hustled for lots of different opportunities, and now in 2019 all of these seeds I’ve planted along the way are starting to blossom (no pun intended). I couldn’t have planned for things to go this way, that’s just not how life happens. I think my best advice is to go for this authentically.. because you love it. Make real connections and friends within the industry, and chase opportunities when you can. It takes a lot of time for things to manifest, and you’ve got to be patient. That’s where the love of what you do will come in. It’s not easy to keep grinding but it’s worth it. You wouldn’t get upset with the flower for not blooming in a day. You’ll have to work really hard to perfect your craft, and that just takes time. Even when you think you’re ready, it’s worth it to wait a little longer. The most beautiful part is on its way!

8. How did the name Blossom come about when you were branding?

I love this story, because I had so many doubts. I spent the whole summer that I was in school brainstorming different names, and nothing authentic was coming out of it. Everything sounded so cheesy. I feel like you can really tell when an artist overthought their name, and I just wanted to find something that would really represent who I am. At the end of the summer, I was planning to go to HARD Summer with my best friend Ashley and her friends, and she told me throughout the summer that I should hold out on deciding a name until the event. She was convinced we would think of something there, but I didn’t think there was anything special about the event in terms of finding myself. In anticipation for the event, I dyed my hair pink just for fun, thinking the color would last for like two weeks and then I’d be blonde again when I came back to Phoenix. We were at the event, I think watching The Weeknd or someone like that, and her friends came up to me and said: “You know, with that pink hair, you look like that Powerpuff Girl.” And the name ‘Blossom’ was born. Again, just like with Night Bass, it happened so organically, I wasn’t even thinking about branding then.

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