Recap of Shady Park Fam Jam: 3 Year Weekend Kickoff


             Vibes were buzzin’ with high energy at Shady Park. It was the perfect Friday kickoff to an epic weekend celebrating Shady Park’s 3rd year anniversary. Lights were sparklin’ gaily in the trees, and it was truly lit (pun intended).

                 The group rotational sets was truly a thing to behold. Locals djs were at the helm to spin b2b with each other. Shady Park regulars, with a few new names to add to the mix, played to their best, showcasing the truly amazing talent that Arizona had to offer. Some of the dj names I’m a little fuzzy on, so forgive me if I make any typoes. The dj list: ItzMuffy, Macefacekilla , Kate Riles, Kody Black, Youms, Miles Ellis, Medicine Mike, Late Night Lovin’, Tonelow, Slick Floyd, Avitas, Nicky V, Cafe Caderas, Muzhak, Nic Chris Tiano, Frank Terry, L9V, Kyle Redman, Hazel, Ghost Effect, Michael James.

            I have to admit, I was a little dubious at the fact so many djs were playing b2b, but the whole event went really smoothly. Every dj vibed with each other and didn’t try to overshadow one another. The enthusiasm of the crowd was infectious, and seeing the huge smiles on the audience and the djs’ faces showed how much everyone was enjoying it all. Shady Park Fam Jam: what an apt title for such an auspicious occasion!

                     DJs PUMPIN’ UP THE JAMM

                To cap off the night, Briggs and Grey the Mute, C.A.S.A’s OG’s, threw down for the last closing set, playing the grand finale. And boy, did they throw down. Listen to their set here:

          I think they did an amazing job! It’s always challenging to play the final set, especially b2b, but I thought they successfully kept the energy up with hip-shakin’, body-groovin’ house tunes, with a healthy dose of underground garage, night-bassy vibes in between. There was even some soul flavor to satisfy your ears. Listening to their set right now again brings me back to that magical moment of being surrounded by all my friends in one of my favorite places in the world; I can’t help but tap my feet and move my body to the infectious tunes. Kudos to Briggs and Grey the Mute for shutting down the night with a BANG! Man, what a night to remember.

                  Shady Park means a lot to me, in more ways than one. As a former Mill/Old Town rat/former ASU student (my pre-Shady-Park days), I would only usually go out on weekends to turn up and dance. Top-40 tunes were my jam back then. * Good music wasn’t that much of a priority to me, and I rarely attended shows/events. With a little help of my music-lovin’ friends, I started getting into the scene. Shady Park was one of the first few places where I first started my love affair with house music. It was the spot where top-40 tunes were a foreign thing (nobody played it), and unique music acts (whether djs or live sets w djs) were booked.

           Briggs and Grey the Mute bringing the heat 

           Shady Park has become such a home for me. The trees, the gnomes, the staff, the visuals team, the bartenders, the security: it’s become a place that feels so dearly familiar and loved. I have watched so many of my favorite artists there. Sometimes I spend so much time there on weekends, I feel as if I live there. Treehouse Sundays (literally!) anybody? Haha.

          “Oh, it’s you again,” is a line security says often to me, with a jokey smirk. It cracks me up.

            I’m grateful for everyone who makes the shows at Shady Park possible. Especially the unsung heroes—the visuals team, the barbacks, the security guys who have the hardest jobs: watching over us lit-ass people.

                This was a personal note from Shady’s founding staff members to the audience and lovers of Shady Park on their Facebook event page: Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our first 3 years. We are excited to grow with all of you for many more years to come 🙂

                 I’m excited to see what Shady Park grows to become. With more and more diverse and unusual music acts over time, Shady Park has become a spot where you get to explore multiple musical possibilities, in more ways than one (not only audibly, but visually as well!) There are lots of opportunities for local djs to debut and play here, and I love that so many often come out to support them and help grow our scene. I’ve gotten to grow and love so many of our AZ djs. We truly have such talent here, and this place made me realize that. I’ve even had the honor of performing here as a singer/rapper twice. I’ve been so blessed to have been given those opportunities, with hopefully more in future. 

  •   DJ Ghost Effect (Ruben Martinez) playing while his fans jam out 

             DJ Alaska playing with all his heart and soul

              Shady Park, you guys are the ones that shape the community—the people who introduce our ears to new music, along with building the local dj scene out here. I truly think this place has become a driving force behind Arizona’s local music scene, along with bringing interesting new live dj acts that are equally as unique as they are refreshing. I know many share the same sentiment.  My eyes (ears?!) have been opened to the magic of how limitless music can be. And that, in itself, makes my heart so full.

*Disclaimer: I still enjoy top-4o music occasionally. Just at home, not at shows or events, haha.

All photography by Grand Scheme Views (Joshua Andrews) 




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