Recap of Luca Lush at Shady Park

Last night though, for real. What a vibe.

It was 10.30 and I’d just finished helping my friends move back to AZ from LA last night. I was tired, but then my best friend texted me about going out. You know how you’re tired but then someone texts you to hang and somehow you summon the energy to drag your sorry ass out? That was definitely me last night haha. There were a couple of events to choose from, but I decided to go with Luca Lush at Shady Park. 

“Alright alright alright,  I’m in.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to go see Luca Lush was because I can barely remember the last time Luca Lush came to Shady. It was around my birthday last year, and let’s just say I got way too lit. This time, his stop in AZ was on his official tour around the world: ‘Great romances of the 21st century.’

I tried to get ready as quickly as I could, and managed to leave at an early hour of 12am, haha. I got to catch the last bit of Yetep’s set. I was sad I missed Briggs’ set as he’s one of my favorite local AZ djs. The energy was buzzing and there was a good crowd, which was to be expected–Wet Electric had just ended at 9 earlier; and people were primed and ready to party.

Surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of swimwear/ravewear or maybe I wasn’t really paying that much attention. People mostly seemed to be in casual wear; I saw a lot of crop tops, tube tops, t-shirts and shorts, and the weather was perfect–not too hot, not too cold. 

I was unfamiliar with Yetep’s sound, so it was nice to be introduced to a new artist. He played progressive electro-house, and I thought his sound and vibe was the perfect introduction to Luca Lush. He played some of Seven Lions and Avicii too, which were dearly familiar to my ears. Yetep’s music was lively and energetic, and was the ideal buildup for Luca Lush’s set. I’d watched a few of Luca Lush’s live sets on YouTube prior to the show, so I kinda knew what to expect in terms of his style. 

DJ/Producer Luca Lush is such an interesting-looking character, his light-blue-teal-green hair is always swept kinda haphazardly to the side and he seems to have this buzzing, youthful energy about him. I couldn’t find his age online, so I can only hazard a guess that he might be in his early twenties, judging by his face at least. It comes to no surprise to me when I find out he’s from Brooklyn, New York. His whole persona and music fits that edgy, eccentric, wildly artistic vibe. 

I think Luca Lush’s music is festival-perfect. He has an electricity about him, a certain energy about his sets and is a natural on the mic as he hypes up the crowd from time to time. While I realize that my tastes in music veer to the house side (I’m not sure if it’s because of my age that contributes to my changing tastes haha), I appreciate his talent in how he mixes and transitions each song into the other. The name of his tour fits right in with how I feel his music is: a great romance between genres in the 21st century.  His music is perfect for big shows and festivals, because of its exuberance, coupled with his own vibrant personality. Even though I was tired, I didn’t regret going out and had so much fun dancing with my friends and vibing out to his music. Judging by the high energy of the crowd, everyone felt the same. For one of the parties after Wet Electric, where I expected people to be tired and burnt out from day-drinking and general shenanigans; instead, the vibes were hyped and on-point. 

He is such a unique artist, I love how he blends various genres together so artfully. You never know what to expect with each song, and it gives the audience such a sense of hype and anticipation in what he would play next. He plays everything from top-40 hits, throwback classics, house music, future bass, old dubstep, big room electro-house, to the latest musical releases. The audience can headbang, sway their hips, nod their heads, snap their fingers, and shuffle and groove to his music–all in one set. He makes it all so seamless too, and the way he meshes each rhythm and beat into the other is surely a skill to admire. I think if one were to pick an artist that showcases the most and the best of EDM, Luca Lush is definitely my pick. If you haven’t yet seen him, you should. Even if his music is not your cup of tea, his sets are worth watching because of how they’re so gloriously put-together and magically unexpected.

I follow him on Facebook and it’s great to see how personable he is and how he interacts often with his fans. That to me shows a sense of humility, a trait that’s pretty rare in celebrities nowadays. He toured internationally last year and produced many popular remixes, with official releases with big brands like Ultra, Monstercat and Columbia so you know he’s not just some small fry. This kid is one to WATCH. 

I’d keep my eye on this dude, and I feel his brand is only going to grow exponentially with each show he performs at. There’s very few djs I know that can combine so many genres and make it sound good, but Luca Lush makes it look just like art. 

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