Recap of DVINA Events: Pirupa at Bar Smith

            When my lovely friend Bri posted “Who here has NOT been to a DVINA Entertainment show on Wednesday at Bar Smith yet?” my first thought was, “hmm, why not?” I’d been to a DVINA event, awhile back when the events were brand-spankin’ new, with no cover. As time went by, the events became bigger and more popular, with hip-shakin’, body-groovin’ sets by world-renowned techno/tech-house djs. Tickets for the shows are normally priced between $10-$20, which is super affordable, if you ask me.

         It was 11 o’clock on a Wednesday, at Bar Smith in Downtown Phoenix. Much to my surprise, the place was already pretty buzzing. I’ve always liked Bar Smith; to me, it is everything Old Town and Mill is not—the antithesis of all that is mainstream. If you want good music (no top-40), Bar Smith is always a good option. The décor upstairs is always very ‘street’, with artistically-drawn murals on the walls. Tonight, the DJ booth has red and green boxes on the left and right, with funky yellow and red small mannequin heads on it. Upstairs is as packed as how I usually remember it to be on weekends. There’s a pulsating energy and excitement about the place as people mingle, dance and move in the crowd. The weather for the night is perfect. I’m not much of a techno fan, I’ll admit, so I was glad to hear the music was pretty house-y, and tech-house-ey (instead of straight techno, which I as dreading.) The dj, whose name is Action Zip, looks like he’s having so much fun as he moves along to the music he plays. His name sounds kinda funky and cartoon-y, and I kinda dig it!  

         Something I always love and appreciate about Downtown Phoenix is the unique vibes that come with it. The crowd is always so eclectic, and they dress up in a style and flair that’s all their own. You see all kinds of fashion—hipster, vintage, avant-garde, etc, and I just love it. A girl in a black velvet halter top cut down to the small of her back dances around excitedly. Her hair is slick-straight, barely grazing her shoulders, and her tight black leather shorts are the perfect complement to her ensemble. She dances hand-in-hand next to a girl clad casually in a fitted tee-shirt and jeans; the sight of both of them being so happy while dancing to the music together just puts a smile on my face. I even spot a glover gloving enthusiastically out of the corner of my eye. An older couple in black vibes out to the music; it’s clear from the enjoyment on their faces they’re having a wonderful time. Bri moves through the crowd to greet me, her signature colorful lipstick (this time a bright minty green) as vibrant as her personality.

         “So glad you could make it!” She says to me, smiling. I give her a hug, tell her that I’m really diggin’ the music and thank her for inviting me out tonight.

         Downstairs, the lineup is made up of some members of the Techno Snobs and some other local AZ djs. There’s a lot more dancing room, which I like, and it’s also a lot cooler downstairs. I love that DVINA Wednesdays also offers music downstairs as an option for as well. It’s  a great way to introduce others to some little-known, yet super-talented local talent. I move periodically between upstairs and downstairs with my friends, dancing here and there and the night quickly flies by. I’m having a blast and somehow, we manage to find a nice spot with dancing room for our little group upstairs. I’m very thankful and appreciative of friends who dance; music always makes me feel like moving and it’s lovely to have people in life who share those feelings with me. Pirupa is the headliner of the night, and plays a closing set that’s groovy and keeps us moving. Sadly, the night draws to an end. I’m buzzing with happiness and am heart-glad that I ventured out tonight. I highly recommend you to check out a DVINA Wednesday, if you ever get the chance. I for one, cannot wait for the next DVINA show to attend.

         DVINA Entertainment is pushing the envelope in Arizona in a new way, exposing us to new artists and expanding our musical horizons. Brando Zacchino, who runs the brand, is very frank with me about his intentions. “A good chunk of the market in Europe is what DVINA offers,” he says. He emphasizes the ‘European sound’ and wants to help launch as many locals as he can with his events. I felt tonight was a pretty good representation of that. There was also such a sense of community that night, as people from Relentless Beats, Techno Snobs, to name a few, came out to show their support. As DVINA branches out to other cities and continues to partner with other brands that align with its core values, it’ll be incredibly fascinating and inevitable to watch as DVINA climbs to greater heights in the years to come.  

Here’s a link to future DVINA Entertainment events so you don’t miss out on the fun!: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/dvina-entertainment-13045750455

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