Recap: Madam X is straight F I R E at Shady Park

So I know she came here awhile ago, but man, I just had to write about it. I HAD TO. People HAVE to know about the wonder that is Madam X.

I was working the door at Shady that night. Hazel, an up-and-comer, opened, and she brought her signature house vibes. Orenda played next; his set was deeper and more minimal.

I had no idea what I was expecting for Madam X; truth be told, I was a little unsure of her sound. I’d watched several of her past videos on YouTube and she definitely had a very unique sound I’d never heard before. Before that night, I was a little skeptical if I would even like it.

WOW, did she blow me out of the water—she was that good, in fact, she was freaking AMAZING. I was working the door, and my whole body was twitching with excitement, I couldn’t help but move my body to her music as she played. I couldn’t wait to get off so I could go dance. I’d seen many artists at Shady Park before but she definitely made the top 5 list. It was one of the best Treehouse Sundays I’d ever attended.

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Most djs’ sets, I feel, are largely replicable, but hers was definitely not. To be honest, it was hard to pin-point her specific sound.

She was quite unassuming, clad simply in a denim jacket and jeans with a white tank top underneath. Her dark brown hair and bangs complemented her large silver hoop earrings nicely.

I still remember that night vividly: as she djed, she had such a joy and passion about what she was doing. The audience COULDN’T help but simply feed off it. It was clear as she glanced around gleefully, whipping out her phone every now and then to record the audience vibing out that she too, felt what we did.

The connection from artist to audience is such a delicate one, and she handled it with ease. She talked into the mic periodically, her British accent equally strong as it is charming. You couldn’t deny that she loves what she does. It truly showed in how she moved in time to her set. She mouthed the lyrics of some of the songs in her sets too, enjoying herself.

Hair swinging in action
Photo by Grand Scheme Views

She played everything: from techno, to bass, to breaks, to drum n’ bass, gloriously seamless in her transitions—the mark of a dj with much experience under her belt. She meshed genres and subgenres together you would have never dreamed of mixing. Whatever she played was remarkably infections: the kind of music you couldn’t help but make faces to, it was simply that good. I had a blast just bopping around with my friends to her set.

I loved how she loved the audience, she knew we all loved her sound and she played well past the time she was supposed to end. That to me, showed how much she loved playing for us. She ended with some good ole throwback hits, which left us all looking at each other singing in happiness and unison.

After her set, she came out and mingled to talk and take photos with her fans. She was so humble and down-to-earth. I loved how friendly she was, and approachable as well. It delighted me that she even sweetly asked all of us for a group photo at the end.

Madam X is a magician, a master of her craft. She’s a big-name dj in the UK and Canada, but mark my words, she’ll explode here soon. This is only the beginning of her triumphant success. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if her show sells out the next time she’s here. Everyone who went for her show that night buzzed about it on social media for a good while after. I felt sorry for anyone who missed out on her show that night. I wish I could relive that night so I can dance my ass off all over again.

Her videos online, though good, do her little justice to the magic she performs on the decks. She is simply a must-watch.

Madam X deserves nothing but packed shows; her sound is so blissfully unique that no one else can ever play quite like her. She mixes the unexpected together, and the result is quite a masterpiece.

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