We took a camera down to Club Red in Mesa, Arizona and captured moments from Keeping The Rave Alive 2018. Featuring DJ Dugal, Kutski, Nodari among others in the scene. Hard dance lovers from across the valley joined others for a night of hard music, intense body-hitting bass and the all the UK vibes you could ever want.

Keeping the Rave Alive is led by UK’s Kutski. Originally a podcast that led to an international party circulating the globe. Check out if KTRA is coming to a city near you for ‘360 degrees of the harder styles’.

With a passion for the Harder Styles of Dance Music, BPMBoost based out of Arizona; works to bring its creator’s favorite music to the forefront. They design their events to gradually boost in BPM as they progress throughout the night, giving fans from all walks of life a chance to experience a plethora of genres and styles.

You can find catch up with BPMboost here

and find more info on Keeping The Rave Alive here

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