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All eyes and ears are on :
TECHNICAL: Techno & House Music Festival, thrown by Critical Mass Events. The event is on Saturday, March 23rd and will run from 4pm-2am.

:TECHNICAL: is a single-day festival where techno, tech-house and house music lovers unite. Art, culture, food, and music will all be featured in spacious grounds. According to the event description, this event aims to be “a place where people from all walks of life can come together and celebrate life, art, culture, and music under the beautiful Arizona sky.”

Two outdoor music stages will be featured, along with live art installations. Attendees can also peruse among clothing/art/craft vendors and gourmet food trucks. A full bar will also be provided, for all your alcoholic/non-alcoholic needs.

With 10 hours of non-stop techno, tech-house and house music by a diverse lineup of both international and local djs, attendees can expect to be dancing all night long!
I managed to get a sneak peek of the event grounds, and it looks like a beautiful place to boogie away the night to. Shufflers, hoopers and people with flow toys, this spot looks like it would be roomy enough and ideal to unleash your creativity.

I must confess, I looked rather askance at the lineup at first. “Who are these people?” I thought. But I chided myself for being so close-minded and actually took the time to listen to the headlining and supporting artists. As I glanced through the list of local djs playing, I was super thrilled to see a lot of familiar names on the list.

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Flashmob, hailing from Italy under Hot Creations, has a groovy, ‘shake your hips from side-to-side’ type of vibe. His tech-house sound is definitely one I could see myself gettin’ down to. Check out his Soundcloud here. One of my favorite songs of his is his catchy rework of Lele Sachi’s ‘Money Focus.’ His single ‘The Lone Brazillian‘ especially was a huge hit.

Doc Martin (Sublevel) in his element
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Doc Martin (Sublevel) brings some deep house to satisfy your ears. Think minimal melody lines and steady beats to groove to. I love how he can spin everything, from deep house to funky bass lines with some acid thrown in. I watched his live set at Focus OC and I loved how he brought a live singer to spice up his show! His music, I would say, is one I can imagine listening to while sipping cocktails at a sexy wine bar.

Volkoder’s smize
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Brazilian dj Volkoder under the Dirtybird label, has a very unique dance sound. He has toured internationally, from Brazil to Ibiza and has had 15 of his tracks in the Top 100 in reputable music charts in just one year. I listened to his ‘How I Talk’ EP and was suitably impressed. Definitely an artist to check out on my list!

Audiofly lookin’ fly
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Audiofly, a dynamic duo, is composed of producers Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito. They boast 13 years of creative partnership and always have an ear out for new and fresh sounds. I checked out their set at a festival in Europe. With a mix of techno and tech-house with some sub-genres thrown in for good measure, I’ve no doubt these guys will bring all the relaxed, feel-good vibes. I especially love the hints of piano in their sets. Expect dreamy, chill feels from their music.

Supporting artists such as Kash, and Contessa also add to this unique lineup. Kashwill be spinnin’ some tech-house for us. Meanwhile, Contessa‘s dark, bass-driven techno sound will be there provide techno to the masses.
I can’t wait to see what these talented local artists are going to bring to the table: BELLAMOR / Francisco J Fontes / Elwer / Fourin / Steve Shifty / Jeff O’Neal / 
Macefacekilla / L9V / Lucci / Idk / Victor Castles . Some of these names have played at places like Shady Park, BarSmith, and SideBar, to name a few. You might recognize a few of these up-and-coming locals! It’s so important to support the local music community, and going to your friends’ shows is a small way we can keep that spirit alive.

I know there’s been rumors and speculation whether this event will actually follow through, but permits have been secured, not to mention headliners have been promoting and showing dates to this show on their own tour dates. The local artists playing this event are also reputable in the scene as well. Let’s give these guys a chance, I am really happy and proud to see our community grow and expand. There is room for us all. I, for one, am stoked to see new faces in a fresh new venue, no less! Let’s make these new artists feel welcome in Arizona. Nothing but good vibes only.

GA tickets, along with limited VIP tickets (with VIP Bottle Service) are available here. Use my promo code YONGTHUG to save you some money.
Email contact@criticalmass.events to reserve your VIP Bottle Service if you’re feeling bougie. For more info on their current and future events go to their website.

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