Pond Party Approved

The Ducks are back and I’m not talking about the Mighty Ducks! W.A.S.H. is hitting the ground running this summer with another single ‘Boombox’ out to fuel your wet and wild summer parties.

Right off the bat, the song starts off with a beat and drums that my head can’t help but bob to, with silky vocals telling me to “move like a boombox.” I’m not quite sure how a boombox moves but my hips and feet couldn’t stop swaying with the catchy drum line and tropical vibes (again, I caught stares but this time I was on the beach, which felt appropriate). As River Jones and Lady River tell me how they can’t help but feed the need to move, W.A.S.H. hits me with their signature build-up-to-the-bass drop that keeps me moving and shaking (throw in a little bass face there again) up and down the waterline. “Like that night we got loose at Boondocks” shows a little bit of Arizona love in the lyrics and brings back memories I’m sure most of us can relate to when having a wild night out with a loved one. The heavy drum play throughout the song is what really kept me pressing repeat over and over—six times to be exact.

This is an excellent follow up to their song just released a few weeks ago and you’ll catch me moving like a boombox the rest of my summer. The song is available on “Power UP” Compilation Vol 11 by Flex Up Records so fly on over to download it. My only question now is, when will W.A.S.H. be hosting a pool party at their pond?

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