Pink Moon Festival: A Recap


The Full Moon Festival, curated by Jonathan Luther and Colter Jackson, held its special pink edition Friday, June 1st, 2018. The Pink Full Moon Festival made its first appearance at The Pressroom in downtown Phoenix, and it was without question one of the best events I have attended this year. As I entered into what I thought I knew was The Pressroom, I was led down a rabbit hole of stages. The five stage layout was cleverly executed with each stage having its own unique vibe and catering to a variety of musical tastes. There was also a silent disco on top of the already music filled night. My personal favorite performance was catching a set by local artists Golden, Goon, and Dobey Dobe at the hip hop stage.¬† The crowd’s attention was completely involved with the artists, and the energy was so high, it was tangible.

The myriad of vendors selling a diverse range of artwork, jewelry, and other trinkets was great to walk through and enjoy as well. Throughout the event you could find glovers, hoopers, a drum circle, and even fire performers. There was never a chance to be bored or uninterested. If you wanted a change of pace or scenery, you barely had to walk a foot away to find yourself something new to be fascinated with.

What truly blew me away was the evident amount of effort, care, and hard work that went into the production of this event. Every stage was decorated with gorgeous and stunning lighting displays and trusses which created a beautiful atmosphere for each distinct environment. It was apparent there was an enormous amount of detail and preciseness that went into the planning of each stage.  The Pink Full Moon Festival demanded your full engagement; mind, body, and soul.

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For a look back at The Pink Full Moon Festival, check out the The Pink Full Moon Festival event page.


(Photos by Samuel DeChristopher Instagram: @ thesleepynomad)

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