New Video (and Track) from ATLiens is Out Of This World

If you’re into emotional rollercoasters and/or space flights, you need to take a few minutes to check out the latest from ATLiens.

“Interstellar,” the most recent release from the duo, is sure to wow both bassheads and melodic music fans alike. The song will pull at your heartstrings with somber chords and breathtaking vocals from featured artist Sara Skinner, but don’t get too comfortable – those experimental bass sounds you know (and love) will soon hit you like an asteroid.

The video tells a story about a dreamer and a nightmare – fitting themes given the wide range of feelings you’ll experience when you listen to the track.

With a sound like this, it’s clear that ATLiens are going to seriously deliver in 2018.

Listen to the track below and click here to check out the video for “Interstellar” by ATLiens on Facebook. 

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