Music Video Release: BIJOU – Super Phat ft. Ushiqute

G-House Guru BIJOU has just released his new music video for his song “Super Phatwith Ushiqute under the NightBass record label. Many fans have been waiting with bated breath for this music video to come out ever since he started dropping little sneak-peaks on his Instagram a little over a month ago. This is BIJOU’s FIRST music video. But don’t be fooled. Although this is his first music video, he hasn’t ever been shy with video content on social media. You can thank Sam Tooker for a lot of his video content on Instagram, even some of his photos as well. Sam Tooker filmed, directed and edited the Super Phat music video, alongside the very talented photographer, Brynn Jones, the director of photography for this video.

Here’s a little bit of background. BIJOU, Sam Tooker and Brynn Jones are natives of Arizona! This music video was also solely made in Arizona. For those of you who live in the valley like myself, this is really cool! I love seeing the NightBass label having strong ties to the Arizona scene.

When I wrote the article about the whole Super Phat EP, I had made note of Ushiqute. Truth be told, I didn’t know too much about her or her art.  Only after I did some investigating, did I find out that Ushiqute IS the DJ and singer Kaleena Zanders. She is Kaleena Zanders on all her other songs and on her social media handles. So THAT’s why I couldn’t find anything on Ushiqute originally. According to BIJOU, when asked about that he said, “She has a second project. This was the launch of it.” The woman is keeping us on our toes! I love it.

So the opening scene of the music video starts with BIJOU waking up in his bed. Right off the bat, you can see a poster of the amazing Ushiqute. Or rather, maybe she’s Kaleena Zanders in the poster? In my view, the camera angle just so happens to cheekily only show the image of her and assumedly cut off any sort of label or anything on the poster, to leave it a mystery.

BIJOU walks out of his room and into the living room. He’s clearly wearing a NightBass sweatshirt. At this point, I am already liking the camera angles because I love the way it frames on the back of his sweatshirt for just second or two. I mean if you’re going to product-place, you might as well do it artistically. (Now I am wondering why I don’t have a Nightbass sweatshirt.)

So after walking out into the living room, BIJOU sits down on the couch and turns on the TV and starts watching “The Good Morning Dingus Show” with a talk show host named “Oliver Dingus.” (I love the word Dingus. That’s hilarious.) It shows Oliver interviewing Ushiqute. Oliver asks Ushiqute how she feels about her new record as she counts hundreds of dollar bills. She replies saying, “Super Phat” and throws all the money at him. Then she breaks out into a super contagious laugh that gets Oliver laughing. As they keep laughing, BIJOU begins to drift off on the couch.

We then enter into his dream world where he is alongside Ushiqute and that’s when the song Super Phat begins. They roll up in a super nice car to a pool party at a luxurious house (this is the same car as the one in the poster by his bed.) The rest of the video continues on to various clips of BIJOU and Ushiqute pairing up and taking on several different party scenes including a show where BIJOU is spinning. Throughout the whole video both Ushiqute and BIJOU flaunt fat stacks of money in their hands. Their vibe says money. They only make fat stacks, drive sexy cars and wear designer clothes. Let me just make note of their outfits. I love all of their outfits (Did you see the dope orange sunglasses?) Their vibe also shows they’re incredibly silly, as if they don’t give a f*ck. Maybe they’re just trolling all of us. Either way, I’m about it. At the very end of the video BIJOU wakes up. That’s it. It was all just a dream. Good thing they actually collaborated in real life to make this song, because it’s amazing.


Here’s the video:


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