LICK 👅 (DEADBEATS) Interview

Recently we had our own Mandi Parr visit with rising electronic artist LICK and sit down with him in Chicago to ask a few questions and to get the low down on one of Deadbeats’ newest talents. LICK dishes on his name origins, making music and his fashion and food choices. Here below is the exchange between the two as they got down to business while LICK embarks on a new tour for his new label.  .

Q: What was the inspiration behind the name LICK?

A: Hi Mandi, first of all thanks for having me on RHR! Ok lets get to it. LICK is subjective and its whatever you want it to be.

Q: What would you describe your genre as? When did you start producing?

A: I don’t really classify myself under any one genre. Music is always evolving, and I believe in adapting as an artist. I started making music in high school out of curiosity. Then naturally ended up becoming an obsession, and now its a lifestyle.

Q: How did you get into electronic music?

A: I’ve been always fascinated by festivals and clubs. They are a safe haven and an escape for everyone. The culture and experiences shared with people around music are some of the best memories in my life. Now I’m getting to share that experience to the masses. Its really inspiring and a dream come true.

Q: Why do you wear all black?

A: I wear black because its it reminds me of all the fkd up shit and darkness I’ve been through in life. Wearing it is a constant reminder of the struggles I’ve been through to get to this point. Also v techno.

Q: Ramen or pho, and why is ramen better?

A: Ramen, because it has such a diverse range for soup bases. You can also get creative with it. Great ramen shops are always trying to find that perfect combo with the many condiments ramen offers. I think the reason why I like it so much is because its a creative experience. Its also excellent comfort food. When I am traveling I’m always trying to find the next ramen shop… by the way we should get ramen sometime.

Q: You were recently signed to Deadbeats. How did that come about, and how stoked are you ?

A: DEADBEATS has always been a huge goal for me. Its still so surreal that I’m on the label and I dont think that feeling will ever go away. They are a major staple to my career. ZD and Harrison have been so supportive and have helped me get on the right path. Expect more music and shows /tour dates coming soon.

Q: You have a collaboration with ELECTRIC FAMILY. How did that start?

A: Electric Family has been a top merch company for the industry and I owe it all to Steve. We linked up a few years back. I went there at HQ earlier on this year and met the staff and employees and got to sign their artist wall. They’ve always supported me from the start. Be on the lookout for new merchandise dropping this fall.

Q: What has been your most memorable show to date?

A: I think my favorite show will always be the next one I play. Each show is memorable for me in its own special way.

Q: What can LICK fans expect to see this coming year?

A: Expect a lot more sushi posts on my twitter and also memes. Also a lot more music. Oh and see you on a few DEADBEATS stops!


– Mandi Parr


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