Gerry Gonza’s Futuristic New Single ‘WAP’

              If you’re a part of the local Arizona music scene, Gerry Gonza should be no strange name to you. His  music has taken him all the way to the land Down Under—not only once, but twice, as he’s fresh off his latest Australian tour.  My first experience with his music was in the popular Downtown Phoenix bar Barsmith, as I was awed by his live instruments and fresh sound. His latest single before this: ‘Ass on Fire‘ left me shaking my booty with its’ bouncy, clapping beats. 

             His latest track ‘WAP’, released by IN / ROTATION, an extension of Insomniac Records, is a hip-shakin’ single that’s sure to get your body warmed up right.

            It starts off with an infectious beat that leads to a unique wash of music that sounds like a buildup in an old scary movie, peppered with claps and little metallic tinkles. The track then moves to the drop (à la a spinning top) and is bassy, vibey and makes your head bob from side-to-side.

            The beat kinda reminds of a game of Hopscotch, sprinkled some robotic wubs, and metallic quacks here and there. The spinning sound reoccurs, with the song dropping again to the familiar foreboding sound at the beginning, leading to the second drop.  I like how this futuristically edgy this track sounds, with its metallic zips, motions and sound effects. The end of the track then leads back into the same infectious beat it started with.

          Gerry Gonza has always made music that stands out. In this day and age, when djs are a dime a dozen, his ear for textured resonance results in a finely curated sound that’s all his own. 

Click here to listen to WAP. 

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