EDM blog sites resort to low-blow tactics for traffic.

I was scrolling through my feeds today (as any normal social media manager would), when I couldn’t help but notice an article posted by a premiere EDM website (a site that normally reports recent news in the world of EDM). Sadly, what I saw was far from news in my eyes.

This particular website is known as EDM.com. They roll out multiple streams of content regularly, and are often known to influence artists and culture in dance music on a wide scale, but every now and then, you see these so-called “articles” which are really nothing but clickbait.

I felt it to be my moral responsibility to shed light in where real negativity can stem and begin from writers like John Cameron. People like this try to spark a kind of energy to gain nothing but an online presence with no regard to how it may affect people.

John Cameron recently wrote an “article” about the particular use of “hate speech” in a live TWITCH stream by Deadmau5.

I want to say that they are probably a lot of people on my friend’s list who are gamers. Especially for first-person-shooters, who would probably laugh this off and continue playing. Because of how deadmau5 is such a big artist, you can be sure that if you tag him in your “content,” you’d probably get some hits, but it’s just a sad excuse for lazy reporting in my book.

The public has already started to lend their thoughts on what they really think about this article. I hope EDM.com can recognize the type of crap that they have been putting out and do better and not just for clicks.

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