Drop everything and listen to BIJOU’s ‘Super Phat EP’

            If you love G-House, you’d probably recognize the name BIJOU. Even if you don’t listen to G-House very much, you’ve probably still been seeing his name headlining at major EDM festivals like EDC Las Vegas and, more recently, Nocturnal Wonderland.

       If you’re reading this, please tell me you listen to Night Bass. The tracks he’s dropped on the Night Bass  label like “Fakes” and “Can’t See Usdefinitely showcase his style.  I’d describe his sound as deep, funky bass mixed with house…with a faint hint of tribal tech. That’s just my interpretation. For those of you who don’t know, BIJOU is actually from Phoenix. Because of his quick musical ascent, along with some dream-team-worthy collabs with Dr. Fresch, BIJOU is a local hero to a lot of up-and-coming local DJs. Many artists here in the valley look up to him and admire how tangible his hard work has become. He’s already made his biggest dreams come true by headlining at EDC, so I can’t wait to see and hear what he’ll dream up and do next. Plus, he’s actually a really nice guy. I met him a few weekends ago at Shady Park (my home away from home). I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty drunk, but I did my best not to fan girl. Oh, and right before I came up to him, someone spilled a drink all down my shirt. If that doesn’t explain how life goes sometimes, I’m not sure what does. I think I must have made some super awkward dry joke during our conversation.  But at the end of the day, he’s a real dude, just doing what he loves in life.  

            Okay, but seriously, back to his music. He just dropped that new new. It’s very, VERY good. It’s called ‘Super Phat EP,’ and it’s a fresh release from the Night Bass label. I’ve already listened to all four songs like 600 times. I’ll break down each song on the EP.

Super Phat ft. Ushi Qute


I’m going to be honest with you. His collaboration with Ushi Qute was super interesting to me because this was the first I’ve ever heard of Ushi Qute. I’m definitely keeping my eyes peeled for this name from now on.

The song Super Phat sounds like such a Night Bass song. You know what I mean? Like the kind where you want to throw up your hands and act all silly, maybe throw in a little footwork. I like the girl’s voice in it. I can’t really tell what she’s saying but I like the way she says, “cut the phat, and get it in hoe.” (Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m always guessing lyrics wrong, for like years on end.) It’s got a lighter and bouncier bass to it than the other songs in the EP though.


Do Not Disturb


The buildup in this song is good. Don’t hate, but I feel like it’s got a Malaa vibe to it. The bass hits a little harder in this one. It’s songs like this one, where you can hear the hint of tribal, bass and tech mixed together. I can picture this song in a lot of upcoming mixes. Cough, Cough maybe in the next ‘Who Is Malaa’ mix?


Expert (made by BIJOU & Blossom)


This is my favorite song on the EP. The bass is straight dirty and funky. I love all the layers to this song. It’s light and poppy but the drop is nasty. I love it. This song was made with another local musical hero, Blossom. She’s been making her own major money moves too. I’ve been following Blossom for a few years now. She’s been playing at a lot of major local festivals over the last few years like Decadence AZ, Wet Electric and Phoenix Lights. She’s about to throw down at Gold Rush 2018, so be sure to check her set out. She’s no stranger to the Night Bass label either. Her beats are fire! It’s no surprise to me that I like BIJOU’s and Blossom’s song “Expert” so much. The beat is unique and makes you want to get up and groove.


Better Than That (BIJOU & ATLAST)


I wonder where and how this song came to be. I wonder if it has any hidden meaning behind it. Better than what? Better than that. It definitely makes you feel like you can be better. It’s got an extra dark bass sound to it and I definitely dig the vibes “Better Than That” was made with ATLAST. He is definitely worth a listen and I love his super dark tech sound. ATLAST and Bijou make a great pair.

Bijou’s unique sound is the perfect fit for the Night Bass family. The ‘Super Phat EP’ showcases many different styles that Bijou is capable of—from light house to dark tech and everything in between.  Not only that, but this EP also helps other artists gain recognition as well. He supports others around him in the scene and it shows. He’s taking a chance on others just like how some major DJs in the game had taken a chance on him. This EP has the energy to get you dancing well into the late night hours. You may have heard these songs here first, but you’ll probably hear them all over the scene soon.

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