Arizona native and underground house star Drezo just dropped his remix of the Gesaffelstein song “Aleph.” As per Drezo’s post of the remix, this is his “Ode to the king.”

Ode to the king 👑

Posted by Drezo on Tuesday, December 4, 2018

If you haven’t ever listened to the French DJ Gesaffelstein, go check him out. His songs range widely in style but the song “Aleph,” (released back in 2015 from his album “Aleph”) sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard before. When you listen, it sounds like you just walked into an underground vampire club. (PSA: When I envision that, I see all the vampires dancing in slow-motion.) But the remix though. The remix by Drezo makes the song course through your veins. It has more life.

The intro to the song is still the same. But after almost a minute into the song, you hear Drezo’s classic 4/4 deep house pulse. Something that I love about Drezo’s style is that his beats are really dark and bass-y but they stay hard-hitting and bouncy. Drezo strips “Aleph” down a few layers without taking away the story it tells. It still sounds like you’re in an underground club. But instead of vampires dancing in slow-motion, it’s just a bunch of house freaks like me getting down fast and hard.

Want more of his sound? Be sure to come out and see him play LIVE at Decadence Arizona 2018.

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