Do Not Duplicate Recordings, newly-founded by hometown hero, Ben Dorman AKA Bijou, was the highly-anticipated move of 2019. New year, new me, am I right? DND threw their launch party here in Arizona on January 25th at BFF Barsmith. Artists like Tieg, Blossom, Lick, and Bijou himself spun and it was a great way to introduce the label. As someone who genuinely looks up to Bijou as a person, producer, and DJ, I am so blown away by the passion this human has for music and the music scene. This is HUGE for him, and I am so proud. Bijou is an inspiration and the future looks bright for him and DND Recordings.

Thrills through the crowd w the best rooftop vibes
Bijou lookin’ fresh in DND swag

This six-track EP really reveals what the label is about: deep, dark house music. The vibe to the EP is sick; when I listened to it, I was amazed. This has been my favorite EP I’ve heard in 2019 by far, hands down.

Listen to the EP here:

  1. House Party // BIJOU & Schade

Right off the bat, this track really showcases BIJOU’s signature bassline. Also, there is NOTHING I love more than trap-like breakdowns in house songs, which is why I love G-House so much. The vocals really give me some nostalgic vibes, “ain’t not party like a house party.” And who doesn’t love a good house party? The bass-house synth added to the track was a beautiful touch.

  1. Into It // Gerry Gonza

I’m really “into it” when it comes to this track. The energy is very high and bouncy, as all Gerry Gonza songs are, but there’s something about this one that really grabs my attention. It may be the synth he threw in there, but its high frequencies get me ALL SORTS OF HYPE. I love the little vocal he has throughout the track, it definitely adds life to the track. This is a solid track and I expected nothing less from Gerry.

  1. Buzzin’ Feat. Noises // Blossom

Buzzin’ is one of my favorite tracks on this EP. Blossom is a wonderful up-and-coming artist, and Noises is someone who I know from Twitter; I had no idea he was going to be apart of this EP! I immediately messaged him excitedly when I saw his name. Honestly, it made me so happy to see these two make big moves! I really like the vocal and sirens in this track, they really set the mood. The shakers in the beginning also add such vibrancy to the track. These two have a great dynamic together and I hope to hear another collab by them soon.

  1. Rick Ross // ATLAST

I first heard this song get played out at the DND launch party (I think), and I was searching for this track for awhile after the party. This is a VERY hype track and a fantastic addition to the EP. It is classic G-house: the basslines, the vocal, the whole package. I’d never heard of ATLAST until this piece and was truly missing out till I listened to it. The riser during the breakdown really caught my attention and was the perfect effect to the song.

Come On // Masteria

I really enjoy this track because it starts off as very classic deep house. The first build-up is remarkable—you almost don’t really expect what’s going to happen next. The detail in the song is remarkable, from the hi-hats to the drum rolls. What a song to captivate the ears! You can truly feel the high-octane vibes from this track and I dig how you can tell that Masteria put all of his heart and soul into this.

  1. Mind Your Biz Feat. Sophiegrophy // Nostalgix

So before this track, I’d never heard of Sophiegrophy or Nostalgix. The dynamic these two have is incredible, it blew me away. The flow of this track was so clean, with such a pure, organic vocal—it added so much character to the song.  The dark and deep basslines had me moving in my seat. I’m so stoked to see what this duo will conjure up next!

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