Boys Noize Premieres “Strictly Raw Vol. 2”

Boys Noize (real name Alex Ridha) premiered the highly anticipated follow up to his “Strictly Raw” project this week. The “Strictly Raw” project Ridha once described to Spin Magazine “For Strictly Raw, it was about embracing the loop a bit more: take a drum machine, one more synth, and make it sound really raw.” While the production may be simplistic, the finished product is anything but. A loud aggressive wall of techno sound combined with elements of industrial and EBM makes the new album a force to be reckoned with. The loud aggressive synths combined with the breakbeat drums of the opening track “Distort Me” set the loud aggressive tone for the rest of the album. Standout tracks include the haunting chant of “Nightmehr” and the acid bass-line of the closing track  “L.I.P.”

Overall the album is a worthy successor to the “Strictly Raw Vol. 1” that included hits such as “Cerebral” and “808 IRAQ.” We look forward to whatever Boys Noize has in store next.

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