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BlackGummy is an electronic dance music artist who has broken through to international acclaim since being signed by Mau5trap. His career skyrocketed after the success of his first released single “Lullaby” in 2015.   His expertise in sound design and production have earned him his first headlining tour in 2018. The California native is best known for his dark, driving techno sound and for his work with producer and sound engineer Steve Duda.  Whether he is locked away in the studio or playing a set for a massive audience, BlackGummy is a brand synonymous with absolute precision and skill.



How does it feel to be headlining your own tour?

Really glad to be doing my own headlining tour. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it come to music and the experience of listening to it, so it’s been a relief as doing this tour as a headliner gives me a little more control over the overall experience of the show, from the support acts I bring for certain stops to the visuals and sonics of the night.

What are your favorite parts of touring?

My favorite part would have to be sharing the tracks I spend countless hours on making alone with so many people.

So far what has been your most memorable show to date?

It’s hard to name a specific show as all of the shows have been very memorable. To name one, EDC Mexico is up there on the list. I’m a big fan festivals by Insomniac Events and playing EDC as my first show in Mexico was an incredible experience.

What can BlackGummy fans expect from you in 2018?

Fans can expect a lot of shows and festival dates, the debut of the new visuals I’ve been working on with Imaginex, new music, and some more exciting things I’m not supposed to talk about yet.

If you could give any advice to up and coming DJs and producers, what would it be?

My advice would be to focus on making a lot of music great music and not to rush on releasing the songs as soon as they’re finished. Instead, build your catalog of finished music before showing it to the world. Once you have a catalog of finished unreleased music, it’ll make it a lot easier for new artists to get label support/ management representation and will help with building a world for your fans when you launch. I receive a lot of demo emails and sometimes come across great music. However,  it’s very common for me to find that the artist has already self released all of their songs on SoundCloud, and the one they’re sending me as a demo is the only unreleased song they have. Patience, timing and persistence are key.


Check out BlackGummy Official Site for tour dates, and follow his journey via social media.

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