AZDBC Dirtybird Campout 2018 Guide

                  Calling all campers! It’s about time to assemble the flock and head into the wilderness for your favorite adult summer camp. Whether you’re a Dirtybird Campout veteran, or attending for the first time this fall, the following is sure to assist with your last-minute preparations. If you haven’t started prepping yet, never fear—Amazon is about to be your best friend. Here is a list of everything you may or may not need for the jam-packed weekend of equal parts fun and debauchery:

  • Wet wipes, wet wipes, WET WIPES! (They serve 1,000 different purposes and you can literally never have enough)
    Winter clothes, summer clothes, layering clothes, all the clothes—the weather is bipolar and there’s nothing worse than walking around in freezing weather and pasties, or so I’ve been told.
  • Allllll the blankets. Think all the blankets you’ll think you’ll need, and then add six more from your last-minute Walmart run outside the venue
  • Shade for your camp—no one likes decompressing with the sun beating down on them
  • Towel—whether you plan on being a clean bird or a dirty bird, there is always a use for a towel. Probably more than one.
  • Trash bags! Lots of them. Pack it in, pack it out, nobody loves a litterbug. You can never have too many bottles of champagne. Seriously.
  • Wine bag(s)! We love a good game of wine bag catch on the dance floor, and maybe if you’re as crazy as me, you can convince Worthy (sub any artist here) to sign your empty wine bag because why the heck not?
  • A camping stove & food! Making food for your camp is fun & saves money
  • To go along with the above, dry ice in a separate cooler with lots of ice helps immensely—it means no buying $15 bags of ice on site & hauling them to and from your camp (beware—dry ice freezes everything, don’t put your food with it, just extra ice)
  • Water jugs! (filled before entry) Not the single use gallons—those are great too, but even greater are the collapsible Coleman ones (can be bought on Amazon) that hold 5 gallons of water & are reusable forever & ever. Good for the environment, good for your wallet, good for space in the car. Win-win-win!
  • Camp light/Flashlight—this might be a given, but bringing this helps immensely
  • Sleeping bag, air mattress, cot, TENT—also might go unsaid, but you never know, I might have just saved a life.
  • Anything to make your camp “homey”—chairs, blankets, pretty lights, decorations, places to chill—some of the best moments are spent laughing uncontrollably at camp
  • Vitamins, cold medicine, allergy medicine, Tylenol, etc. There is a 99% chance you’re going to come home with the wook flu, but vitamins before, during, & after the event, can make it less severe or non-existent
  • Biodegradable glitter…Amazon again, be eco-friendly while you sparkle
  • Reusable cups for your drinks/water/whatever. This eliminates waste & again, can you guess? Environmentally friendly!
  • Gifts to hand out! Pins, stickers, toys, buttons, fans, whatever. Dirtybird is a gifting environment. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone freak out when I give them a tiny pair of finger eyeballs
  • Something to put cigarette butts in. Pocket ashtrays are a thing (Amazon). So are tins or little bags. It’s 2018 & we know better than to toss them on the ground, sis.
  • Toilet paper—the Porta Potties run out & if they don’t, you’ll need to blow your nose at some point I’m sure.
  • Portable chargers are cool if you wanna use your phone. You won’t have service, but get those lewks on camera, sweetie. Duh.
  • Mallet to stake down your tent. I have forgotten it every year. And as fun as it to walk around meeting people asking for one, it’s even more fun to walk around and meet people with a wine bag with your tent secured to the ground.
  • Every venue thus far has been dusty. Bring a dust mask. I promise.
  • Sunscreen—you still look hawt as a lobster, but safety first or whatever
  • Something white to tie-dye. Get creative, shirts are cool, but a tie dyed backpack is cooler                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Advice from Veterans
  • Disco naps save lives. You can go in & out of the fest as much as you want. Take advantage of this!!
  • Wear the most out-there costumes. Or don’t. But express yourself to the fullest extent. It’s fun.
  • Hit the merch booth first thing day one. The good sizes sell out quick. Like lightning quick. If you want a Medium….may the odds be ever in your favor.
  • Grab that colored team bandana first thing too. Rep your team all weekend!
  • “Remember your training.” –Travis R.
  • “Bring a onesie”-CIT, Jesse C.
  • “Don’t forget it’s more than a music festival. Play games, watch/participate in activities (especially lap dance to save your life), meet new friends to add to your flock.”- Clayton B. (I second, third, and fourth this)
  • “Meet your neighbors. Met some great humans last year that will be in my life forever.” –Travis R. (again)
  • “Bring more vodka than necessary.”- Bryan F.
  • Don’t miss the family set. Seriously. You made it 3 days, you can make it one more hour. Then thank me after.
  • “Bring & take an anti-diarrheal. For reasons.”-Bri M.
  • “Don’t label your vodka water bottles with a Single sharpie dot on the bottom of the bottle…nobody looks for that dot when wasted and seeking H2O.” –Brandon E.
  • “Don’t plan on sleeping much. Renegade sets are fuego and you might see some cool s*** (Weiss b2b Christian Martin with like 15 people). Plus…once you stay up till five-and your neighbor starts ripping the most nasty, atmospheric DNB set…you ain’t gonna sleep, child.” –Zach B.
  • “DO take a GIANT blanket for the night time when you’re feeling yourself hard and head to the stage at like 3:30am when it’s freezing. Eff the fashion and be warm af while you get down in the comfort of your own blanket.” –Nano C. (you thought the blanket thing was exhausted, but it’s not…sometimes people only take my advice when it comes from other people’s mouths. So here it is from the mouth…keyboard? of a true genius)
  • “Take less, love more.” –Thanh N. ….got it
  • “Drink lots of water, always! And don’t forget to eat. Your body will thank you. Participate in games and interactive installations. Don’t be afraid to spend some time alone. Establish a hang out spot for your crew and do some solo wandering. Who knows who you’ll meet or run into! LET YO FREAK FLAG FLY. Be nice to others. Ask somebody if they need help if they don’t look well. See new artists! Most of all have fun with the people you love and make memories to carry on with you!” –Shelby L
  • “Don’t have a schedule. This will be my fourth time attending and since the first DBC in 2015 I haven’t had one. The music is always amazing, guaranteed. Participate in the activities, after all you are at summer camp. Pick a top three must-sees from the lineup. I make it a point to see Sacha Robotti but guess what, I may have not discovered him at the first Campout if I’d been following a schedule. My favorite Campout memories are directly linked with living in the moment. Those serendipitous encounters are where the magic of Campout truly lives. Our lives are full of timestamps; take this opportunity to live in the moment.” –Olivia M.
  • The final hours of the last day are a sprint, not a marathon. Finish hard.
  • “Don’t miss the comedy, quickly accept that you won’t have any cell service, hit the merch tent ASAP, don’t get the VonStroke mule because it’s gross, always say yes to warm bottle chugs with Sally (yas, sis), wear your least comfortable shoes on the last day, not the first.” –Abbey C/B.
  • “Bring every blanket, northern Cali will be cold! (ok, do you believe me yet?) Be a good bird. Whatever trash you bring in, make sure it makes its way to the trash bags you’ll bring with you, and that those trash bags are picked up by staff or you pack it out! Don’t be trashy even if you identify as being trashy. Bring something white to tie dye! Take part in the activities. Check in on people that look like they need help. Have fun!” –Frank T.
  • “Follow Frank around, you’re bound to meet a lot of the crew that puts this magic together, keep your eyes peeled for artists wandering around (but don’t harass them too much, they’re there to have fun too), wander the campgrounds for renegade sets, and as always go to the merch table and bring me and Abbey back some wedding presents because we can’t make it this year…” –Sean B.
  • Well, there you have it, folks. The experience is what you make it. Be kind, spread love, be ridiculous, and never stop dancing. <3                                                          
    Written by Sally Lindebaum
    Edited by Sarah Yong

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