Austin Feldman’s new single ‘Gotta Be’ is bass-house heater

If you’re in the scene, you should be no stranger to the name Austin Feldman. I had the privilege of listening to him open for Dom Dolla last Sunday at Shady Park and boy, was it a treat! I was def’ vibin’ out hella to his tunes. 

‘Gotta Be’, his hot new track released on Brazilian label One Stamp Records, starts off very minimally at first, leaving the listener wondering what’s to come. But once the drop hits and the bass kicks in, aaaaaah. It hits the spot. 

The song feels very sinister, very Brazilian Bass and G-housey in feel. As I listen to it, I can imagine this would be a geat song for shufflers to dance to. 

‘Gotta be, gotta be the best’ is repeated often throughout the song, often almost hypnotically, with similar lines said throughout. 

If I were to describe this song, I would say it makes me feel like a G. I feel like I should be clad in black leather, studs and spikes, gathering my street team and planning out a bank heist. 

Keep your eye on this guy. He’s sure to be heatin’ up this year with new releases. I am so stoked to see (or I guess, hear) more from him in future. I’m diggin’ his dark underground music vibes. His next show is the Dr. Fresch show with Teig, Gerry Gonza, and Dr. Fresch at Aura Tempe on 22nd February. Be sure not to miss out! It’s gonna be a real treat for your ears.

Gotta Be’ is available to be listened to and purchased here

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