Planning can always be painful and yet tasking at times, but it can also be easy, especially if you know exactly what to buy. Most of you are traveling back to Vegas this year to experience, another fun and thrilling weekend with Insomniac, as they make their final preparations for the 22nd year of the Electric Daisy Carnival. With all the surrounding wonder and hype, there is still a category of people who seem to always fall a little short and end up having one of the worst weekends/experiences of the year. We hope this doesn’t happen to you. The following list below was compiled by a normal festival goer, who has frequently experienced both EDC and Electric Forest. We wish for everyone to share and apply the two experiences together for the upcoming camping feature this year at EDC.



Tickets: Congrats! You’re going to EDC! You purchased your tickets and you have your box. If you didn’t plan ahead make sure to buy from someone you know. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard of people buying from a scammer. Do not use venmo use PayPal or eBay so you can protect yourself. If you are still going to wait and try to get your wristband in Vegas make sure it’s valid by having your seller register it in front of you. It wouldn’t hurt to ask for a pic of an ID either. There is no such thing as a single day pass. You are using a wristband that is registered to someone else. I would have your seller walk you to the gate to ensure the wristband is good. Trust your instincts when it comes to purchasing a ticket from someone you don’t know. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.




*pack an ice chest

*cases of water

*booze(buy this before you get to the strip, it’s cheaper) liquor stores or grocery stores off the strip are best. If you wait to buy on the strip expect to pay rediculous prices.

*solo cups and straws

*cup o noodles(coffee makers are standard in most hotel rooms and will provide you with hot water) for those of you raving on a budget. I know it’s not healthy but it’s something and will help soothe your throat from inhaling dirt and ciggie smoke.

*healthy snacks(bananas, oranges, beef jerky) pbj sandwiches are super easy, give you energy and don’t need to be refrigerated. Eating is hard but make sure you do it!

*emergen-c and other vitamins(tums, magnesium, vitamin b) raveaid or any multi vitamin. Advil and pedialyte.

*melatonin or trees😬to help you go to sleep.

*portable speaker to play music while you get ready! If it’s small enough, pack one in your purse or bag. it’s great for waiting in line and grooving to music when everything is over. Everyone around me was grateful for tunes once everything shut down.

*deck of cards(if you get bored and want to play drinking games or brush up on your card counting skills) to pass time while everyone gets ready back at the hotel.

*trashbags to keep your home away from home tidy(I can’t stand a dirty hotel room and what will the maids think?!) Trash bags can also double up and become a makeshift ice chest. Just keep it in the bathtub and remember to empty it so it doesn’t leak everywhere.

*Sleep. You need it or you will become a crazy person. Trust me. Go to bed.




I have driven, taken the shuttles and done taxi’s. Hands down taxi’s win. But keep in mind it’s not financially ok if you have <4 people. Taxis had little to no wait time and was about $60 each way. Don’t be shy! Many people are cabbing it from the strip to EDC so share a cab to keep costs down!

Taxis also have their very own lane once you get near the speedway.

*Drive only if you know you have a safe sober driver but even tiredness gets you. Pack water/ gaterade and snacks in the car for the awful wait to get out of the parking lot.

*If you are driving drop a pin when you park so you can find your car later and aren’t walking in circles around the speedway. It is vast.

*Try and park near the exits as well for fast and easy exit. It’s a further walk but it beats waiting in the parking lot for 2+ hours.

***There is no PLUR in the parking lot. ***

*We also used Valet, it came in pretty clutch and we skipped the line and slipped the valet a $20 to expedite the process of grabbing our vehicle.

*The shuttles are great to experience the excitement and new people. Every year the shuttle system gets better and better but be prepared to wait. Plan on walking a ways if the shuttle stop is not near your hotel, or be lazy like me and head to a cab stand for the rest of the way home. 30 min was the fastest we arrived at the speedway(we left by 4:30pm) don’t wait until 10pm to leave. head there early to avoid the ridiculous traffic.
If you plan on staying til the very end be prepared to wait as well

*DO NOT WAIT UNTIL AFTER 9-10pm TO LEAVE. You will be marinating in traffic. Leave early!

*buy a drink or fill up a water bottle or camelback when leaving so you can have something to drink while waiting for a ride. That morning sun is no joke. There are all kinds of vendors outside the speedway offering ice cold water and Gatorade for a buck or two(: There’s a Sonoran hotdog guy as well!

Festival: I live in ARIZONA so the weather in Vegas is comparable. It is a desert. It’s a dry heat. Do not underestimate desert heat.


*Arrive early for the first day! You have to see the festival grounds pristine at least once. It progressively gets grimier and grimier every day.

*pick up your trash(they have a program where if you pick up and turn in x amount of water bottles/ trash you can score merchandise or even a trip to next years EDC!

*savor the moment you step onto the stairs that lead you into paradise. You have an amazing view from the top! Just make sure you move out of the way of people trying to make their way into the festival grounds.
These are also the stairs you will curse when it’s time to leave after dancing all night.

*take breaks or your body will despise you the following day. Stretch while you’re down there, it just feels good!

*look to skies at midnight. You will see THE most beautiful display of fireworks in your life. These fireworks will ruin any other fireworks you see ever again. Take it all in hug a friend or a stranger and enjoy. It is ALL for YOU💥

*hand fan, cooling towel and spray bottle. Be someone’s angel. Fan those around you that need it too!

*For the love of your feet, wear comfy shoes. Comfort over fashion, all fucking day. Those heels might look cute but they won’t feel cute in about an hour. You will walk on average about 35,000 steps each night. Try to wear wool socks or socks that will whisk moisture away.

*wear deodorant don’t be the smelly kid in class.

*Your deodorant also doubles as an anti chafe bar. Rub it in between your thighs, you’re welcome.

*bandana to protect your face holes from dirt and cigarette smoke(if you don’t) also hides thizz face. 🤤

*earplugs. It’s so important to protect your ears. Tinnitus is no joke.

*sunglasses for when the sun comes up( this is important) everyone arrives pretty but leaves ugly

*KNOW YOUR RIGHTS “Am I being detained?” “Am I free to go?” These are phrases you need to be familiar with. Do not freak out and do not let officers bully you into admitting anything. I’ve never encountered a bad cop at EDC. They are there to make sure we are safe. Please be respectful of them and they will be good to you. They are just in awe of everything too.

*Establish a meetup spot immediately. Preferably something that can’t be moved(NOT THE GIANT DAISY/Giant daisy fiasco of 2014) ours was a fire hydrant

*Familiarize yourself with the speedway. There are maps and schedules being passed out when you walk in.

*If you haven’t done it already download the Insomniac App. It’s pretty helpful and functions on airplane mode.


*sneak some crystal light/Powerade/Gatorade/pedialyte packets to flavor your water too if you get bored easily. Plus electrolytes are good for you.

*i don’t like lemonade but every single one of my friends swear by it.

*get fresh watermelon from the fruit stand.
You’re welcome.

*pick a side of a stage to be on. Our group would always meet to the right of each stages sound booth if we knew we were gonna see the same set and were separated. This worked EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

*have a plan and let others know your plan but don’t try too hard to stick to it. Follow your ears they know what they like(:

*totems are great people finders, some people put amazing time and effort into them! Let them know!

*Don’t make it a priority to meet up throughout the night. YOU. WILL. MISS. EVERYTHING. Seriously don’t.

*save the days schedule on your phones lockscreen. Make sure to change it every day. It makes it so much easier to pull up instead of having to pull out the booklet every time.

*phones and wallets in front pockets. There are shitty people out there who steal. Stay vigilant. Remember to zip pockets and purses up.

*Phone on airplane mode(service is real spotty) and you’ll save precious battery power

*portable charger if you can’t bear to go off grid

*time stamp your text messages ex: meet up at our spot at midnight(sent 8:50pm) text messages won’t go through right away and you’ll save yourself and your group from major confusion.


*take a couple of pics and video just don’t overdo it. Trust me you’ll never look at em again. And insomniac does a fantastic job at capturing everything. Live in the now and enjoy the spectacle that is real life!

*Try and visit every stage

*Avoid el pulpo mechanico. He and whoever operates him sucks. 🐙+🔥=😡

*explore, all of this is for you!
Go on rides! They’re all free!
Go check out some live art.
visit the art cars and side stages(artists will usually do a secret set there!)
discover new artists, sit in cosmic meadow and talk to randoms…except the guy who is giving off the UnderCover vibe. He is one. Assume everyone is UC. Jk but seriously though be smart don’t be a statistic. You HAVE nothing, you aren’t ON anything and don’t WANT anything. Procure your vitamins beforehand. If you decide to buy in Vegas make sure to at least use a test kit. You don’t want to end up with PCP when you wanted ACID. #phoenixlights2017

*eat and hydrate

*if you plan on buying merch do it on the first day bc they do run out


*unopened gum, cigarettes and chapstick for three days. You can find these things at your local dollar store! Stock up! Security will make you toss anything that is opened. Ladies this includes lipgloss and makeup!!

* little-unopened travel antibacterial wipes, baby wipes and Kleenex. You can also find these at your local dollar store! Those porta-potties get real gross🤢

*tampons even if you aren’t on yours, someone will surely need it. you maybe be someone’s hero!

*asian trains are a real thing. It sucks but if you’re trying to leave a stage or go further into one hop on and they will get you where you need to go

*when moving through crowds make sure to be courteous.

*your face will hurt from smiling so hard so don’t let anyone ruin your time and don’t bother with aggressive people. It’s not worth it.

*did I mention hydrate?

*take breaks, it’s very important to do this!

After festival:
There are many day pool parties and events going on in Vegas during EDC week. If you plan on partaking be smart, drink water and take naps. Heat exhaustion and dehydration are all real.

It is very possible to do EDC or any event sober as well! I have always chosen one day out of the weekend to do it. It reminds me that I love this music no matter what. #musicislife

If you plan on partying remember rule number 1, Don’t die. Rule number 2, you can always do more but you can’t do less or take it back. So please be careful.

There are medic tents everywhere. Have you ever experienced a hydrating iv?! It’s glorious and free if you need it.

You can also ask for bottled water in the medic/first aid tents as well. *Its free(:
They’ll have bandaids and headache medicine and a cool place to rest if you feel overwhelmed. These people are not there to put you in jail, they just want you to be well.
Insomniac has volunteers in purple that are walking around and making sure everyone has a great time. If you need help look for Ground Control. They are there to help you! You will NOT get in trouble.

I hope I hit all bases, this would’ve been my 7th year😭 but it’s time I venture out and explore other festies. Take it all in and pace yourselves it’s not a race it’s a marathon. If you see someone in need or acting a fool don’t pull out your phone and record them, help them. You wouldn’t want to be that person. You are in a safe place, if you need help don’t be too proud or afraid to ask. YOU WILL NOT get in trouble with the law. Trade Kandi, make new, maybe lifelong friends. Reach out to someone who may be lost, you could make their night. Remember to take care of one another, be safe and be kind. Xoxo #queef__squad #azravefam


Camping festivals are great, If you’re prepared. Electric Forest was magical and I went with an amazing group of people who literally had everything you could ever need! Hope this is helpful.


Things you’ll need:


Large tarps (To keep over and under your tent for extra protection, it rained quite a bit)

Canopy(easy up)

Identifying flags, decorations or a helium balloon( this will be a marker to let you know you’re close to your home away from home)

Portable battery charger

Duct tape(wrap it around a lighter for extra space saver)

Extra rope

Scissors/utility knife

Binder clips(black office ones)

Sleeping bag


Air mattress (if you’re
boujee like me)


Extra blanket


Ice chest

Small foldable table( beer pong table is great)

Camping chairs


Shower towel

Solar lights

Small carpet or rug to leave outside your tent

Garbage bags(lots of them! You don’t realize how much waste you create)

Lamps for camp

Head lamp for bathroom/walking through the forest

Portable battery operated fan(this will be amazing for those summer festivals)

*Small butane camping stove(if permitted)




Reusable tumblers/plates/utensils

Wet wipes-antibacterial and wet(these are essential)

Toilet paper

Paper towels

Plenty of water(buy in gallons and freeze so they can double as drinking water after it thaws from keeping your perishables cold) Ice is expensive!

Alcohol/beer(stay away from glass)

Most festivals only allow a 30rack or 5 liters of wine per person. If you’re like me and only do vodka, you can fill a couple of water bottles up and sneak them into a case of water. Make sure to mark them so no one accidentally chugs it.

Mixers(I like to use Mio or crystal light it’s easy and portable)


Allergy meds


Bug spray

Hand sanitizer

Healthy foods and snacks:
Bagels/sliced bread/tortillas
Lunch meat
Cream cheese
Peanut butter/jelly
Beef jerky
Cup o noodles(I know they’re bad but they’re so good and quick)
Trail mix

If you plan on traveling by plane like we did you can rent a mini van or SUV you’ll need all the space and stock up at your local Walmart. We did this with our tents, canopy’s, table, camp chairs and ice chest. Walmart will take all returns as long as they are in good condition. I know this sounds shady but it is what we did since we didn’t want to drive all the way from AZ with all of our things. If you plan on driving the entire way more power to ya. Make sure you keep all the boxes and receipts for your returns.

The forest is magical. It was an experience I will never forget. If you are looking to partake in extra curriculars there are people walking about selling through out the camp grounds. Be smart though. Bring a test kit and trust your gut. It it’s too good to be true it probably is. We never really had issues with bunk stuff. I suggest doing one day sober just to explore what the forest has to offer and to gather your bearings before getting lost. I literally found something new and inspiring everyday I was there. It’s a magical and wonderful place to just be please keep it clean!

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