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Each week Scott LaLime talks to up and coming artists in the dance & electronic music scene. The music business is always changing at a rapid pace. How did they end up where they are now? Where are we heading? Where does it all fit in for these new artists coming into a new era of sound? Scott gets the answer to these questions each week by interviewing these artists, music industry guests and his own overactive brain.

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Scott LaLime


My name is Scott LaLime. I started my journey three years ago promoting for a house group in Tucson, AZ by the name of Project Atlas. Within the year, I headed the promotions team and ran several campaigns for the group, including a local establishment where our shows where also held. COVID-19 hit sometime later extinguishing a lot of venues leaving me with a lot of time on my hands. This lead to the creation of THE LIME-STREAM; a live streamed broadcast over Instagram, interviewing up and coming musicians. In the live streams, we allow friends and family to join in on asking questions about the musician. The questions can get a little funky too. Make sure to tune in on Thursday nights for some sour hours.

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