Coachella Femforce 2018 — Weekend 2

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I want to start off by saying thanks to Coachella (again) for making this festival safe, comfortable, and enjoyable to the last second.   This year’s production was absolutely out of this world (Even though Post Malone was more congested than Interstate – 405 at 5 PM). All in all, bravo, Coachella. BRAVO.

This year, Coachella had a bit of a different theme to it than usual. I noticed a common social theme all weekend: Powerful Women “Battle-Axes”.  Historically speaking, the term “Battle-axe” originated as a description about specific women (Goths) that retaliated against the Romans during the reign of the Roman Empire.  In modern terms, a “Battle-axe” typically refers to hard working women and their economic power.  This year, the women performing did just that.  Beyonce, Cardi B, Alison Wonderland, and Rezz were the Battle-axes of the weekend.

Beyonce: Need I say any more? She immediately advocated her feminist ideas once she hit the stage.  I mean, she told us all to “suck her balls” as soon as she stepped on the mic.  Power to her, she did what she wanted to do, whenever she wanted to do it and we all applauded her greatness. She commanded the stage like a Queen (but were we expecting her not to?)  We see you Yonce.  Keep us men in line, we need it.

Cardi B: By far, this set was the most lit I saw people on Sunday.  For God’s Sake, this woman is pregnant and then managed to twerk at the same damn time.  Power to you, girl!  One of the major points in her show was when she sang Bodak Yellow (a song once used as a Women’s March rally chant) which had women screaming in my ears, and I loved every minute of it (It’s safe to say everyone else enjoyed it, too).  If you get an opportunity to see her on tour for her upcoming performances/tour with Bruno Mars, DO IT.  Do not wait.

Alison Wonderland:  I can’t believe the rise in her popularity over the last two years.  Her set was absolutely packed like a can of sardines.  Turn down for nothing with this chick, she murdered the stage and made sure to prove her 2017 “New Artist of the Year” award was no fluke.  Her set was highly emotional as well.  Emotional enough to bring a tear to my eye when she played a tribute to Avicii as her last song.  United and surrounded by love, she made me (and I saw many others) cry during this last song.  Moving? Yes. Powerful? Absolutely.  She proved that tears, laughter, and joy are all a part of the experience, and it was her experience.  You rock, Alison! Thank you.

Rezz: Last but not least. After Alison, people seemed to run off, leaving the stage ultimately empty for Rezz (which was very weird).  Not five minutes into her set, the Sahara tent was filled again, to the brim.  Holy sh*t, this woman is absolutely bonkers.  She is insane, she is off her rocker when it comes to her shows.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Rezz absolutely destroyed the Sahara tent on Friday night.  The tent almost flew away from the start of her performance.  There is no way I will ever turn down a show if Rezz is playing, there is just no way.  After Alison, I didn’t think the visuals could get any better, but I was wrong.  I was dead wrong.  Rezz not only blew my mind with her head knocking bass, but her jaw-dropping visuals made the experience that more intense.  Look, I’m not trying to persuade others to go to a Rezz show… but GO TO A REZZ SHOW. Do not miss out on this chick.  She will leave you scratching your head wondering “WTF just happened”.  This girl creates weather patterns with her music.  Why was it so windy at Coachella?  Because Rezz played on Friday night, that’s why.  All weekend, my group (along with myself) kept making jokes about how Rezz was a surprise guest at DoLab, or how she was playing a main stage set later that weekend — Hopefully our jokes/dreams turn into reality very soon.  Rezz and Alison, y’all need to go on tour together… maybe with Anna Lunoe?

It is safe to say that Coachella weekend 2 was off the chain.  Power to you women for what you did out there.  All of the women out there this weekend were in fact “Battle-axes”, they slayed the competition —  What a time to be alive.

Anthony M. Ohler

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