The Deadbeats Are Back!

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Our favorite Deadbeats make their way back to the hot desert heat this weekend
for the annual show that has been postponed for over 15 months. For some of you who may
not know, Deadbeats is a record label/collective which is hosted and ran by Zeds Dead.
The sound of this collective varies throughout all the genres of electronic dance music,
which also makes it very inviting to many listeners. You can also expect alot of wonky sub
bass sounds in most the tracks. Zeds Dead sets always have many genres all in one including
classic hits, dubstep, bass house, and personally have witnessed techno too. We’re expecting supporting DJ sets from Subtronics, Rusko, Dirt Monkey, LICK, Level Up, and CHIIEF. The show is presented by AZ’s top best event company, Relentless Beats, at Rawhide Event Center on Saturday July 10th.

This weekend is a blend of experimental bass sounds ranging from all over. We are blessed with two Arizona locals, CHIIEF & LICK. Both of them have experience playing for the club nightlife that our local scene has to offer. CHIIEF gives back to the community when he cans. For example, he hosted a livestream to raise money to help end child trafficking. LICK is a motivated bedroom producer that got picked up by Deadbeats back in 2018 and has been playing for them ever since. We also have the love birds based out of sunny Philadelphia, Subtronics and Level Up, bringing us a banging bass heavy set of robot sounds and scary nightmares. Also known as Jesse Kardon, Subtronics has done arguably the most production over the pandemic. He’s released over 20 songs alone between album releases, collabs, and EPs. Level Up has also made an impression in touring and producing by always being on the go as soon as it was safe to while also releasing her own EP and singles. The wonky sounds of jazz and bass will make an appearance once again with Dirt Monkey. Based out of Denver, Colorado production ranges from released songs of the wonky experimental bass sounds. Although, witnessing Dirt Monkey set includes listening to multiple unreleased tracks that range from bass house, jungle, drum & bass, and jump up. Lastly, we the British producer, Rusko. He ranges from all styles of bass music and he’s here to tell us to wake the f*ck up. Rusko has easily been producing and releasing music since 2006. You can call him one of the Kings of early dubstep and drum & bass music.

To end the show right, we will be experiencing Zeds Dead to take us home in emotions. Zeds Dead not only has some of the sickest drops on the planet, but also pulls you in with those classical hits we all grew up listening to. They are absolutely the best in the game with catching hooks and dropping them with the dopest remixes, no pun intended. Be ready to bring your Z’s to throw them up and don’t forget, it’s left over right. Zeds Dead has a ton of new content out since they’ve been out here last between the new album, ‘We Are Deadbeats Vol. 4′, their new mixtape ‘Catching Z’s’, and the new single, ‘Alive.’ Relentless Beats will be offering VIP tickets for those who want an elevated dance floor and/or pit access. Don’t forget
to stop by the food vendors for some big & delicious pizza from The Spot or savory carne asada tacos from Sonoran Kettle Corn. Relentless Beats has been throwing the first big events across the nation as soon as it was safe to do so and they give nothing but a good time.

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