Neef & SOCKiTTOME leave you wanting more with ” I Don’t Need That” OUT NOW

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TXTR Records are eager to bring to you the mind blowing new single and hit-really taking shape, ‘I Don’t Need That” with That’ from Neef also, SOCKiTTOME. Two virtuoso wonderkids come prepared to take one goliath jump towards melodic fame in this one. Self-delivering your presentation collection at seventeen years old isn’t for everybody. For Neef, it was the aftereffect of a young motivation to make and articulate one’s thoughts and rapidly acquiring such enthusiastic fans shocked even him.

All things considered, Disunity workers and Reddit strings were humming from a particularly shocking introduction and the subsequent meet-ups didn’t disillusion all things considered. A line of executioner discharges counting the impeccable future pop single, ‘Nothing Stays accomplishment. Ellie XY’ and the Flume-roused magnum opus, ‘Bloom EP’ solidified his standing as a rising star in the realm of test electronic music, while the clear independent visualiser that went with the last demonstrated that his gifts stretch out past sound creation.


“Exploratory, streaming, unusual, versatile, melodic, wistful yet simple to comprehend.” These are simply the words that Neef used to depict his music and after paying attention to the material, it’s difficult to clash. The ease in which this maker can make incredible electronic jewels and join them with awesome pop sensibilities stands him in great stead for a long melodic excursion where the sky’s the breaking point. This most recent single sees him work together with the UK-based performer and musician, SOCKiTTOME who brag an amazing history of his own.

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In spite of the fact that SOCKiTTOME has recently begun delivering as an independent craftsman this late spring, he’s now acquired a scope of high profile allies in past projects. Spots on the Authority PES 2019 Soundtrack, plays on BBC’s 2018 World Cup Inclusion and high-profile press inclusion from the preferences of Xune Mag, Basically Fly among others have furnished him with a fan crowd urgent to hear his best course of action.


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