“Tau0n releases ‘Mechanical heart’ on all platforms”

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  Enlightened Los Angeles duo tau0n hits Slothacid with an astounding EP “Mechanical heart”. The duet EP opens up with a ‘title track’ that provides you with their authentic caliginous yet slight tech-house tone, fastened by the coquettish sound of the vocals.  

  You’re then followed up by the second and last track of the ep, presenting yet another label alumni ‘JTJ’ who has honed in on his style to collaborate with your favored California duo  on “The space between”. The way every producer blends together to create this smooth, minimal, dance floor ambience, makes you feel that they have discovered their ‘space between’ the indistinguishable drums that applaud both sides of the collaboration.

  Anais and Scott have been featured places between their first gig at Lightening In a Bottle on the Funn Machine stage, to their last show before the COVID shutdown at the sold out Slothacid takeover at Sound Night club. Throughout this time they have been presented on plenty of our beloved live-streams most considerably being the Slothacid, Desert Hearts and DIRTYBIRD takeovers. This EP will be streamed on all platforms including BEATPOPRT Official . Be sure to follow your dearest LA duo on all social media platforms under Tau0n. Links will  be attached below.  

Spotify – Mechanical Heart EP

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