No Gimmicks When You’re Around PR!CE

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PR!CE returns to self-releasing with the ultimate smooth dark bass track, ‘No Gimmicks.’ Let Rave Hard Radio be
the first to tell you, there is nothing but raw talent behind this tune. PR!CE is forming into his true self by
bringing in the dark, low sub bass with the right amount of techy hi-hats. ‘No Gimmicks’ is the absolute ideal name
for a track like this, nothing else can beat it. Frankly, it describes PR!CE in a hole. He’s a genuine man who will
give you the blunt honest truth, we all need someone like that in our life. Hence, the “no gimmicks.”

This track is a definte form of where PR!CE’s sound is transforming to become. He described he “wanted a bass that
sounded like it’s being pushed through an amp hard. Also wanted it to feel G housey without the normal G House plucks.”
Personally, it sounds like Tchami and Malaa combinding together with a touch of Matroda. The energy is kept high with
a feel of a techy snare to bring a balance to the darkness. A track like this is bringing honor to the bass house
community, we should all be proud PR!CE is an AZ local. The riser in the second drop combined with the snares is
perfectly excuted, chefs kiss.

You can find this song on all major outlets including Beatport, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music. Yes, once again, this is a completely self release track on Itspricemusic. Catch the links below to get to bumpin’ on your new favorite bass house track!



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