Q breaks out on Synesthesia Records with “Eyes on Me”

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Q does it once again with another hit single on Synesthesia records. Eyes on me reminds us that Q has a little bit more to him then just the fulfilling progressive sound he is usually putting out. This track touches base with Q’s techno side while still giving you that progressive harmony we all know and love from Q! 

 You can catch Q being featured in clubs and shows around Arizona. For those who know him, know that Q is fairly new to the scene and is taking huge steps in the progression of his fairly new career.

You can follow Q everywhere @itsqmusic to stay up to date on new releases, merch drops, and upcoming shows. You can stream this overall bop of a tune on spotify. Q will soon be releasing on multiple streaming platforms but the link to “Eyes On Me” will be posted below. Stay tuned for what Q has coming!

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