Arizona’s Very Own 2SOON & DISTRICT13 remix “Driver’s License”

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Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo really took the internet through a whirlwind of emotions in the beginning of 2021. Whether you can relate to it or not, the catchy tune captivates the listeners ears everytime it comes on. 2SOON and District 13 heard this track and felt a spark of inspiration, so they took this opportunity to add their own twist to it. 

District 13, also known as Chris Hief, is an electronic music producer and DJ causing an uproar in the Arizona music scene. With roots stemming from Dubstep and Future Bass, his original tracks contain beautifully written motifs and rumbling basslines. Although established in 2018, District 13’s love for Dance music began in 2015 where he used it as an escape from reality. Since coming from a background in TV & Film, his passion for storytelling and psychology shine through his releases with clever vocals and Rorschach imagery. This self taught producer dreams of creating a cerebral experience for listeners to escape their own realities.

 2SOON, also known as Robert Lafayette, is an up and coming artist from Arizona with a style unlike any other. Making multiple genres with ease, he plays Dubstep, Melodic dubstep, and Trap among many others. 2SOON’s musical background shapes his style and sound as he curates a vibe every time his fingers touch the decks. He has played alongside some of the top artists in the scene, causing him to make a larger boom in the community. A lot of Arizona locals look up to 2SOON and come to him for all music related advice. 

Right off the bat, District 13 hits us with his personally made introduction. The listener can hear the genuine pain in his voice, which really brings authenticity to the track. The artists kept the original raw emotion to the track, but also gave themselves room for their own special twists. The cinematic drums really lead the track and bring a satisfying element to the track. I absolutely love how they used vocal chops during the build ups to create more tension for the drops. 

2SOON and District 13’s remix to this internet sensation really surprised me. Both of these artists are very capable of creating strong tracks, but this one really took my breath away. You can listen to the remix on their soundcloud, but brace yourself for tears!


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