M35 returns to Electronic music with “Complicated”

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This week, Rave Hard Radio got a chance to hang out with M35 to discuss his return to the grindstone; his most recent release was a collaborative effort with Hot Pursuit on a track called “Complicated.” We asked him how his hiatus treated him, how the pandemic effected his journey, and what us listeners can expect to hear over the next year.

Home Town: Yerevan, Armenia

Currently Living: Los Angeles, CA

DAW: Ableton Live

R: So nice to have you M35! It’s been 4 years since your last release. Where have you been?

M35: I wasn’t really happy with the music I was making at the time given my house and trance background, but during that time I started more focus in the realm of bass music.

R: What made you want to come back ?

M35: I was always going to come back. I have always wanted to be an musician. I just didn’t want to come off as corny. 

R: What can we start to expect as M35 returns to electronic music?

M35: It’s all over the place anywhere from a bass house track to a melodic future bass, dnb bass, dubstep every and any genre. I just want to be happy making the tracks that I want to make.

R: Quarantine was huge roadblock for a lot of artists this past year. Did any part of the pandemic affect you positively or negatively in regards to both your music and your personal life?

M35: The pandemic is actually the reason why I have so many songs! It is ridiculous how many songs I have now: 4-5 tunes finished, 17 W.I.P.s [Works in Progress]. I’m not one of those people who needs to go to shows to feel inspired make music.

R: Do the sounds of today’s electronic music influence your musical direction at all? Can we expect to hear more of a hybrid sound?

M35: I like the future riddim sound, that shit is bonkers! Papa Khan, Chime, there’s just something epic about that sound. I may fall into the briddim category.

R: So you got a release on Big Fish Recordings. How does that feel?

M35: It’s fantastic! “Complicated” is a fun little bass house tune with Hot Pursuit, a long time friend of mine. It just feels good to be putting out music that speaks the next part of the M35 journey.

R: If you have any advice to give to someone who is either starting out, or if they’re in their early producing years, what would you say based on the current state of the music industry (and what is to come in the future).

M35: Organize your sample library. Find the samples you like so you can work faster and efficiently. You should have fewer tools and use the stock plugins, less is more.

R: Last question… what can we expect to hear from M35 this year?

M35: A lot of different sounding songs… you can expect to hear a blend of all genres. I’m a real big fan of Monstercat…. There’s just a whole lot to look out for. We’ll see in time. 

M35 had a lot of notable success back in 2014 during the big room era of electronic music, when it held a tight grip on the industry and was designated as the “mainstream” sound. You might remember his earlier tracks like “GO (Showtek Edit)” or “Revolution,” both of which he collaborated with MAKJ. M35 has since returned with a new sense of direction, as his hybrid blend of genres will now define his true sound.

Complicated takes you on this hybrid bass house ride. The alluring house vocal elements draw you in towards it’s melodic breakdown. The feels give us a taste of electro from 2011 reimagined with much more hype and groove versus the hard sidechain pumping sounds of that old era. Although brand new; we can hear the roots clearly stand out reminding us of time when we once were. Complicated is now streaming on all platforms.










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