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On January 26th, 2021, Arizona-based artists HNDSM Boiz and KY released their collaboration, “Go In”. When I heard that they were all going in on a track I was stoked to see what the outcome would be. KY had shown me the original recording of the track and I was absolutely blown away. I couldn’t wait to watch this track flourish into something remarkable. Once I heard the final version, I wanted to learn more about who each of these artists are and what they stand for. 

  HNDSM Boiz, Drew Little and Tony Jensen, met each other at a Halloween party in 2019. They soon discovered their shared love for 90’s hip-hop, house and disco- the idea of this powerful duo thus blossomed. Drew is the producer and Tony grabs the hooks. Their passion has grown and spread to their releases on labels such as RUN FREE, Future Syndicate, Seshiling Records, and G Mafia Records. They are just two HNDSM Boiz trying to make the music industry boom and groove. 

Kylie Holman, also known as KY, passion for music has been burning since the age of seven when she began singing and playing the drums. She always knew music would forever be her niche ever since. The “KY” project was created two years ago and has since then put out two label releases, countless collabs with other talented artists, and made several music videos. With her uplifting and realistic lyrics, KY is empowering her followers and creating optimism in the industry. She is a role model and the perfect example of how to be a female artist in a male dominant industry.

Drew (HNDSM Boiz) and KY had previously been friends, which later down the road he would introduce her to Tony (HNDSM Boiz). HNDSM Boiz solidified the fact that they were going to have future collaborations after they remixed a song for KY and W.A.S.H.’s track “No More”. These three have been inseparable ever since, their energy together is truly rare and unmatched. 

From the start of “Go In”, we can hear the HNDSM Boiz love for the classic house vibes with the catchy traditional piano roll. They take the opportunity in this track to showcase their G-House style basslines with a mix of slap-house. The time signatures throughout the song present the traditional style of house, which makes it even more catchy. The lyrics read:

“Used to be surrounded with music and my friends.

Lived a part lifestyle, now I just go in.

Dive below the surface, deep within your core

Find your true purpose, what are you waiting for”

We can’t go out so let’s go in (3x)

Let’s go in

The universe said sit right here

You’ve much to learn, trust me dear

I see the pain behind your grin

You know your more than bones and skin

Take a little breather, let your life slow down

Recharge your energy and let your soul cry out.”

These lyrics are so powerful- and something I didn’t know I desperately needed. Before the pandemic, we were so worried about superficial aspects of our lives such as partying and the opinions of others. We never really took the time to dive into our true purpose and passions. It gave us the opportunity to take a step back and look at the bigger purpose. The message behind this entire track is so inspiring and humbling. Personally, it opened my eyes to what I really need to focus on. 

My favorite part of the track is the mini buildup at 2:35, they add so much tension and impact bringing the song back up to speed with help of the vocal chops. I personally believe this is a track that needs to be heard by everyone, whether you’re in the music industry or just someone who is lost and trying to find their way back on the right path. 

After reflecting on “Go In” as a whole, I wanted to pick the artists’ brains so I could get a full perspective on their inspirations when working in the studio.

1. So you guys collaborated on this track, what inspired each of you to come up with this idea?

Ky:  My inspiration for this track really came from within. The pandemic really allowed me to slow down and go within myself to find my true purpose once I stopped partying and really took a look at myself. 

HNDSM Boiz: We (HNDSM Boiz) wrote some chord progressions ahead of time for Kylie to choose from and once she selected one she liked we started building a 16 bar loop off of that progression. Kylie was writing and singing the lyrics while the loop played which just kept inspiring more ideas for how the song would come together. After 5hrs we had the track with a rough drop including recorded vocals. Being in the studio together after so many months in quarantine, we could really feel the energy and the lyrics were so timely, capturing what we all were feeling…which we think really comes through in the song.  

2. What is your favorite element of this track?

Ky: My favorite element of this track starts right at the 1:39 mark. I love the space vibes it gives off. 

HNDSM Boiz: We really love the second drop and that this track used a vocalist instead of us recording random sayings. 

3. Do you guys have future collaborations coming up? 

Ky:  We are currently in the process of finishing another track together, and I’m sure it won’t stop there! There is a lot to see from KY & HNDSM Boiz.

HNDSM Boiz: Of course! We loved working with KY and everything came so natural we have just kept the synergy rolling. We have a Brazillian-Bass track we are working on currently called “4D World” and then plan to write some G-House with Kylie over the next couple months. We can’t wait to really highlight her versatility as a singer, lyricist, and songwriter. 

4. 2020 was rough for just about everyone, what is each of your musical goals for 2021? 

Ky: My music goals for 2021 are already happening. I want to showcase all the hard work and dedication I’ve put into my craft during quarantine. So this means many more songs to be released as well as an album!

HNDSM Boiz: We want to keep pushing out quality music, not just ours, but also for other talented artists on our new music label “Future Syndicate Records.” We also hope that we can get back to playing live shows with audiences because there’s nothing like having an audience and feeding off their energy.

You can now stream “Go In” on the platforms linked below as well as follow the artists!

HNDSM Boiz: 





Go In


Youtube: https://youtu.be/CMv04uWSIaw

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