‘Tech My House Vol. 1’ Finally Hits The Streets presented by Space Yacht

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The same guys that have brought Tune Reactor on Twitch as well as many infamous nights at Sound Nightclub in LA (pre-pandemic) have organized ‘Tech My House Volume 1’; an all around compilation featuring talented modern house artist from all over. Recently, ‘Tech My House’ has been broadcasting live safely inside Sound Nightclub with artist like VNSSA, Golf Clap, and Luke Andy to remind us of the club feeling we all miss so much. (I swear it’s all in those stage lights). Henry Lu and London Bridge (the owners of Space Yacht), have been graciously active to the community during the pandemic by doing activities like giving artists feedback on their tracks and constantly bringing us live-streams to subside our needs. After witnessing the sound develop for this; ‘Tech My House’ introduces tech-house and minimal elements with a splash of disco-like remembrance within the aspects like vocals. This compilation offers 17 tracks from artist’s who deserve the spotlight and surely, there will be more to transpire.

The truest & flawless part of this ‘Tech My House’ compilation is the ability to sound original yet, right in the ball park of the new wave of house music. Each artist executed their vocals like professionals plus the tracks are the type of songs to bring the hips dancing perfectly with the bassline. Two of these tracks have beautiful disco elements. The first one being ‘Rattlesnake’ by SkiiTour, a duo from Canada who will probably win the 2022 Winter Olympics (joking, maybe.) This song offers such a “care free” vibe while making it feel like a roller coaster. Secondly, ‘Blend’ by RachEP has female vocals in which gives flashbacks of the 80’s dance floor. RachEP is an Arizona local who has brought respect to her name. The different elements of snares and fills brings you back to the warehouse with smokey lasers. Another great quality of all these tracks is the beefy kicks that hit in the chest just right. Tracks like ‘Tribes’ by Ocean Roulette and Burko, as well as, ‘Vibez’ by Chris Ferro and Xeno invites you to a jungle themed dance floor. Both tracks bring vocals that introduce a live action idea, like the monkey sounds in ‘Vibez.’ Producers are starting to naturally blend bass house with tech house elements, some examples include ‘The Devil’ by MR. STILØ, ‘UP’ by Aiden Sokol, and ‘Cell Phone’ by Qlank. ‘UP’ has the build up and structure of a bass house track while, ‘Cell Phone’ and ‘The Devil’ fulfills itself with well known bass house kicks and snares. All three of these tracks experiment with techy sounds that bring a funky element. Which introduces us to the next topic, the funky tracks. ‘Show You’ by Dipzy and Luke Andy create a groovy bassline line with fun & catchy experimental sounds that are attention grabbing to say the least. Another collab by Poolhaus, Local Singles, and boiish, write a stirring melody in ‘Lose Control’ which describes perfectly what you’ll be doing when you dance along.

The minimal in tech house has always done it’s job for the dance floor. Ranger Trucco produces ‘Sunday Best’ which leads to be the track you won’t be ashamed blasting in your car with the windows rolled down. The hi-hats are a well-known tech house shaker that always brings the hands up with catchy vocals you can’t get out of your head (in a good way.) Another greatly executed track with minimal aspects is “Worth It” by Casmalia. This Insomniac Records producer also invites a nice hard bass that lets us know she’s not playing around. There’s even a track on this compilation that reminds us to respect and follow the CDC guidelines, known as ‘Step Back’ by Lee Wells. The percussions in this track will tickle your brain. Another catchy vocal track is ‘Killa’ by Mikey Barrenche, which is a personal favorite. The different aspects of acid and shooting lasers, as well as, the middle breakdown of this track which makes it have very unique twist. ‘Cross The Pond’ by Warren Blake and ‘I Keep Thinking’ by Wait For Me and Eon are definitely inspired by UK tech house. It’s easily noticable in both tracks by the vocals used, the drums, including the hi-hats. Which have a different blend than West Coast tech house. Next, Tony H comes to the DAW to establish a techno synths, build ups, and underground chimes in his track ‘Loud Music.’ Lastly but not least, the ultimate festival track on this album by London Bridge and Vouti called ‘Take A Walk’ deserves to be played out to a crowd of 20,000(when it’s safe, of course.) The melody in the horns shake the soul while also inviting different aspects of culture around you.

Attached below is the full compilation on Spotify; grab some pizza, hit play, & dance the night away. 🙂

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