SLATIN releases “Bubble EP” on BiteThis

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Slatin a.k.a Ruslan Slatin is a Russian electronic music producer, DJ, and performer based in Madrid. An upcoming hitter blending his unique house sound with modular and experimental bass elements.

Slatin tracks have been released on Spinnin Records, Big Beat Records, Ultra Records, Insomniac Records, Def Jam, Epic Records, Mixmash, consolidated 2 videos on Spinnin’ TV, released at Tchami’s label CONFESSION, winning the same time as the award for the best dance music track of the year in Spain. With his latest release on BiteThis, we take a closer look at exactly how Slatin not only combines his own take and sound but surgically inserts himself into the BiteThis energy that the label projects.

The “Bubble” EP begins with “Bubble”; an energetic snare intro to lift your spirits up and prepare you for what could be another house track with techy elements. However, Slatin proves again that in order to make it his own, he throws us a tasty bassline that ultimately sounds like a “bubble” hence the track name. The hard-hitting drums and percussion elements elevate a forthcoming groove that makes it fun and lively for the unsuspecting fan or for anyone new to house music.

Following Bubble, we venture into “Spectrum”, which is the perfect transition track in the ep. The track feels like a more stripped version of the previous track but with a progression that fits the ep journey. We encounter hard saturated percussive elements that become part of the bassline structure versus a typical bassline to make this track seem minimal yet bouncy and energetic. You can hear the percussive elements transform into a slight electro tone bringing much anticipation as to what could come next.

Teach Me 909 is a classic sounding house tune that kicks off with traditional house elements paired with a whole lot modular percussive pieces to keep the track fun and light, yet effective. This being the last track on the EP serves its purpose as being a simple tune to display the roots of Slatin and what house music means to him. Dread MC on the vocals adds the flavor needed to make this tune an addition to your playlists.

This “Bubble” EP sets a standard for what 2021 music will be categorized as and as far as Slatin is concerned, we can only hope that in time the Russian-Spanish producer can evolve yet again from this point in time.





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