Sam Groove hits us with “Awakening”

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You know what’s different? An experimental nero bass track for once. ‘Awakening’ is equivalent to the sounds you’d hear while going light speed in an alien craft. Producer, Sam Groove, is a local veteran who has helped the dance music scene grow. Mostly known from Hades and Dirty Disco, he’s spent many years promoting and spinnin’ tracks at events/nightclubs. This respected Arizonan local has been producing music for over 5 years, with multiple DJ mixes in-between. ‘Awakening’ is opening the door to what Sam Groove’s sound is metamorphosing into. 

The slight drift of drum and bass mixed with mid-tempo creates a creative aspect of this track. Followed by the samples of trap and sound designed wubs. The ambient background sounds fulfills the track by turning your thoughts into another worldly frame of mind. One of the best characteristics of ‘Awakening’ is the ability to never repeat while always changing the structure of the track. You can keep expecting transformations of tracks in the New Year to come with Sam Groove. 2020 has changed us all and ‘Awakening’ is a glimspe of what is to come. 

Sam Groove SoundCloud

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