Artist Spotlight: PR!CE

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Meet the deep and dark Lord rising out off Phoenix, AZ known as PR!CE. This producer/DJ has influences of deep and dark bass house heavily carrying his original sound. He can perfectly execute being creative with his snares and hi-hats as well. This Arizonan local hasn’t been slowing down at all in 2020 with tracks signed on labels like; The House Citadel, Diverage Records, House Of Bangers, 40oz Cult, Bomb Ass House, and PAX MACHINA. He’s also not shy about collaborating with artist known as LINDZ, O.M., YAWA., ToneLow, and Huish being the most recent artist. PR!CE has been able to produce over 13 projects in 2020 between singles, EPs, soundcloud mixes, and live streams.

We all love the energy PR!CE brings to the decks when he performs. This year, he has been seen on the local live streams like PAX MACHINA, House of Syn, The Seader Project, and Gestalt Theory Presents. His performances always include originals with perfect technique to bring in the dark bass. PR!CE’s tracks have g-house tendencies in the baseline with techy hi-hats that is aligning itself with the new generation of bass house. He doesn’t follow the crowd with always creating new structures in his tracks. For example, ’X’ on the ‘WOAH’ EP and the newest ‘Loud’ track on the ‘Trappin’ EP with Huish.

This man knows how to brand his style and sound like having his own merch line with various items that have been released overtime. Some include women/men t-shirts of EPs or his logo, face masks, phone cases, and even a coffee mug. On PR!CE’s downtime, he’s a huge dirt bike fan that recently has competed in his own races. Check out PR!CE’s latest work like the ‘Trappin’ EP with producer Huish, which also includes remixes from CASHEW and Avenue. As well as enjoying his latest mix from DashX Radio, ‘Everyday Is Wenzday’ that drops smashing originals and up incoming IDs. The next time you’ll see PRICE set fire to the decks will be on December 30th on the Nightenjin’s live stream through twitch.

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DashX Radio 'Everyday is Wenzday' mix

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