“Walk Away” reveals that Tucson has got some upcoming hitters

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There’s no one else in the “Dirty T” than the man himself Jeff Griffith aka Low-Audi0 featuring on tech-house bangers such as “Dimonds” with Alex Anders to his own self release “Walk Away straight off the press of HotCity Records bringing in December with a BANG. Low-Audi0 is one of the artists you should be adding to your playlist with sounds similar to Repopultate Mars and Sola Records. Before the clubs shut down you could catch Low-Audi0 all over the Tucson Club scene such as Club Z, Elivars and the opener for Dusk Music Festival held last year in November. In 2020 you can catch him on live streams on Twitch, Youtube and Mixclould Virtual Gateway on Youtube, House of Syn on Twitch and recently Melrose House on Mixcloud.

His latest release on HotCity Records titled “Walk Away” Low-Audi0 knows how to make anyone listening walk away from whatever is going on in life and walk into a club to dance until the night turns into day, with heavy bass this track will have heads ​boppin’ ​and the booties bumping. You get the sense of having no worry in the world and taking you back to simpler times that we took for granted back when the Tucson Club scene was becoming more tech-house. This track makes me want to slap on a tech-house shirt and have a far from nomal night. You can find this track on all platforms and we hope you stay up on everything that Low-Adui0 releases because he will not disappoint.

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