“Step Up” shows the deep side of CORMAC & ANATTA

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Lemon Juice Records presents to you a freshly squeezed new track by ANATTA and Cormac, ’Step Up’. Introducing AZ locals second collaboration together, with the first EP “All Night” recently released November 27th. ANATTA has mentioned Cormac and him first started writing music a few years ago which heavily fueled the first EP. Cormac, also known from BFF rooftop parties, is influenced by classical funk and jazz inter-mending with modern house and techno. His partner, ANATTA, has begun to gained more momentum within the local scene with experience from his other projects as well.

‘Step Up’ is infused with deep, minimal tech which correlates to a lot of nights at BFF. The structure of this track is influenced by the way Cormac delivers a deep melodic performance, if you have ever have witnessed it. They use minimal vocal samples that invites the darkness into the track. Also, ‘Step Up’ is carried by a pumpy kick that is written in a unique way with percussions that fulfill the song. ‘People Party’ is another track written by ANATTA on the EP, which is another taste of deep minimal tech. Be on the lookout in the summer of 2021 when these boys team up again to deliever some more goodies to the table.



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