’92 RAVE

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Aren’t y’all dying to get back to the rave? Or the groovy dance floors? Hop into memory lane with ZAW’s newest high tempo track, “’92 Rave.” Originally sampled from the classic hip-hop “It Takes Two” by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock. ZAW, also known as Zach Weiss; was born in Honk Kong, then raised in New Jersey, and has been out in Arizona ever since he attended college at University of Arizona. Self releasing “’92 Rave” was always the original plan. ZAW has been making noise with out the pandemic slowing him down. He’s been spinnin’ tracks for over two years plus learning how to produce his own music with mentorship from Michael Hooker recently.

ZAW’s taste for ’92 Rave is an organic tech house track that has influences from the UK. This sample piece is followed by a heavy techno kick and syncopated raw hi-hats, reminiscing a dance floor from a 90’s warehouse. The timeless original sample invites the energy to the table, which was also revamped by Black Eyed Peas in “Rock That Body” (produce by David Guetta & Mark Knight). ZAW was creative and clever to grab ahold of the reigns to the infamous hip-hop sample, furthermore making something of his own. Even though he barely just learned how to produce, ZAW is on track to having two EP’s out in 2021. Make sure to follow his journey with the links below with a free download option as well.



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