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Two bass locals from Arizona team up to introduce their first original track “Ghost in the Trunk” which recently dropped on Monday, November 16th, 2020. The producers, Dylan Heckert and Opake, come together to give us a sub bass driven banger with noticeable influences from both sides. They dive into the experimental realm to explore the bass sounds that triggers your brain. All together, this new track delivers a unique way to express what these two locals can produce when given the opportunity.

The influences from Dylan Heckert and Opake are tied together to create a headbanger bounce that manipulates low frequencies. In the introduction, they bring you a sub bass and snare that gives a reminisce of trap. You can expect brain tickles through out the track, thanks to a certain production technique they use that allows the sound to auto-pan from one side of a speaker to another. The drop is also unique in its own way with an inspired hardstyle bass line within the first 16 bars. “Ghost in the Trunk” deserves to be added to your favorite bass playlist, and especially while you’re taking a cruise around town. Make sure to stay updated with more bangers from these two artist with their Spotify link below; keep bumping “Ghost in the Trunk” while you’re at it.

Photo captured by Sydney Alexis Photography

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