TRYB Unleashes “100s”

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Tryb opens up his new track, “100s,” with a jazzy cinematic feel and frequencies from a 1960’s space movie time machine. Be prepared to go on a ride, with the tension that has been set. Then, as the song builds up with an anticipated drop; the sounds start to morph with subtle 80’s like rolling bassline synths to ultimately throw us back into the future while we approach with very his own rap vocals. Which is becoming a new element that Tryb is beginning to use more in his tracks.

“100s is about our spiritual need for money and how we long to have a lifestyle of abundance. The intro is designed to simulate a day dream of that lifestyle. The drop is more party vibes and all of the vocals performed by myself.” -Tryb

As the vocals build to pump up towards a payoff that stems from Tryb’s originality, he creates a vibe for “the weirder the better.” That’s exactly what he wants to bring to the table while keeping the party jumping and the energy alive.

Tryb comes back to hip hop arp feels that distinguishes the identity of the track being hybrid and with heavy 808’s; which has been super prominent in Tryb’s latest productions that pairs up with original lyrics. This new element that he’s starting to incorporate into his music will bring a new aspect of growth for his future.

Enjoy the listen, and stay up to date with the newest releases from TYRB Social Media: Twitter: @TrybGod Facebook: Facebook.com/TrybGod IG: @trybgod

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