The End of One DECADEnce and the Beginning of Another: Decadence Arizona 2019 Photo Recap

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New Year’s Eve has come and gone, and now, just days into the futuristic-looking 2020, we are stoked to present Rave Hard Radio’s top 10 photo recap of Decadence Arizona 2019! Relentless Beats had Rawhide Event Center goin’ up on a Tuesday (and a Monday) to ring in the new decade. Reminisce on the lineup here, then scroll through this photo recap to find your friends and favorite acts from this past week while you cuddle up and recover from your wook flu.

All photos via Joshua Andrews of GrandSchemeViews. Click individual photos to view his website.


Decadence Arizona Youms

Youms closed down Day 1 at The Playhouse stage, which was presented by Weird & Wonderful, with a righteous two-hour-long set. This silent disco stage took up the back half of the Rawhide Event Center’s trusty warehouse and felt like a raver chill haven, complete with furniture, vendors, sparkly lights, and more. Arizona’s locals are blessed to always have such a dope stage to showcase their talents!


Decadence Arizona group

Although the nights got a bit chilly, attendees kept warm in style. More layers really just make for even more opportunities to show off your own personal fashion. We love how ravers dressed when they actually have to wear clothes!


Decadence Arizona lasers

Relentless Beats always blows minds with its visual production at events. LED boards and lasers are top-notch, and some of the best visual artists in the country flock to Rawhide for these shows. Arizona is doubly blessed in the fact that a few of these VJs are even locals! Next time you see Tyler White of Gestalt Theory, thank him for killing it during Joyryde‘s countdown set.


Decadence Arizona poi spinner

Since Rawhide is such a spacious venue, flow toys are usually spinning as far as the eye can see. There is something so childlike and exciting about watching talented ravers play with flow toys. We just love seeing festival-goers express themselves and move with the beat, whether they are surrounded by friends or a hula hoop!


Decadence Arizona silent disco

After taking into consideration attendees’ concerns last year about the crowded event, Relentless Beats promised to make drastic layout changes for Decadence this year. They absolutely delivered by completely switching up the way they utilized Rawhide’s space. The Playhouse stage was probably the most unique usage of its warehouse that Rawhide has ever seen, and attendees dug it!


Decadence Arizona kiss

Did you get your New Year’s kiss on the stroke of twelve? Love is always in the air in our community at events, but even more so on New Year’s Eve. Decadence Arizona was the perfect place to ring in the new decade with your favorite people.


The boys (sometimes they also go by the name Zeds Dead) totally came to our rescue on Day 2 at the Grand Pavilion. They made us feel like we could be kings and I honestly thought I was going to collapse because of the adrenaline. I am still unsure if I should blame the stars tonight or magnets on that absolutely perfect set. Oh yeah, and they even played out their unreleased collabs with Rezz and Snails!


Decadence Arizona group on shoulders

Illenium always brings the feels, and his Decadence Arizona performance was no exception. His Ascend Live Tour felt extra special, and actually still has a ton of stops left if your FOMO is real. Only a few tears will be shed, we promise…


Decadence Arizona G Jones ball drop


Although deciding between a Joyryde or G Jones ball drop moment was borderline criminal, we stuck with G Jones at the Royal Circus stage in the warehouse. The man is so passionate about his music and it shows through when he plays for an audience.

Overall, everyone seemed to enjoy the venue overhaul and smaller attendance size, even after the festival sold out right around gates on Day 2. Decadence Arizona was the most beautiful way to bring on the new decade, as well as saying farewell to the old. Stay tuned for next years’ Decadence Arizona to see if the balloons finally drop! 😉

Happy New Year from your friends at Rave Hard Radio!

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