Phoenix becomes one of three cities to experience the beginning of the Subtronics Cyclops Invasion Tour

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Have you joined the Cyclops Army yet? If you haven’t, Philly based riddim monster is about to hit over 60 venues to convince your soul on his Cyclops Invasion Tour. Subtronics has changed the wonky music scene with his funky hard drops and witty samples. Last year he blew our mind with EPs like Cyclops Army and Wooked on Tronics. Jesse also dropped collaborations in 2019 with legends like Rusko, Ganja White Night, Kayzo, and Zeds Dead. Now, Griztronics takes over the world and the hype still hasn’t stopped yet.

The Kendama master not only drops sick beats, but he also respects the culture. You can find him running around festivals smoking some ganja or practicing his flow art. He’s known to run up on festival campers while they’re playing Subtronics tunes as well. Jesse’s sets at festivals like Electric Forest, Wakaan, Lost Lands, Nocturnal, & Hijinx is creating him to become the dubstep beast that he is. He came together with groovy saxophone artist, Griz, to create what the world needed. The two came to collaborate with the track, Griztronics, which took over the charts and tracklist’s of almost every bass DJ within days. Philadelphia was offered a free Griztronics show in November where Subtronics went back to back with Griz. Then, Decadence Arizona scored the first 2020 set of the new decade. They have been teasing festivals and social media with the Griztronics VIP remix. Subtronics now released he’s going to drop the next anticipated mix ‘Now That's What I Call Riddim Vol 5’.


Cyclops Invasion Tour starts the second week in January with Arizona being the first three stops. Jesse’s is bringing his friends like He$h and Bommer, who remixed the infamous ‘Senpai’ by Boogie T and Subtronics. Chee and Level Up will also be part of the support. If you’ve seen any of Subtronics sets this year, you’ve heard Jesse drop Chee’s and his flip to ‘Headband’. Level Up and Subtronics are also making this perfect music love story as he brings his girlfriend as one of the supporting artists on the tour. She has all of us begging her to drop her remix to ‘Rescue’ by Zeds Dead. This tour hits all over the country and even crosses over to Canada. More dates have still yet to be released for the final ending of the tour. Where would you love to see the cyclops king, Subtronics?

Find more about Subtronics and his Invasion Tour here: subtronics.net



Arizona Show: http://relentlessbeats.com/events/subtronics-the-van-buren-011020/

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