Volac and Phlegmatic Dogs invade Shady Park with a sold-out performance including support from Ekonovah and Austin Feldman

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Last Sunday, Shady Park was invaded by Russian duos Volac and Phlegmatic Dogs. They ended their 5-month tour banging out all their premiere tracks such as, "Russian Style," "Tell You," "Cuatrocats" and "Static," among others. Unfortunately, there was only one Phlegmatic Dog that was able to make the show: real name Slava, who explained to us that Demian had just become a father with a newborn baby boy and had to hang back at home. This didn't stop Slava from giving us one of the best performances on his own while keeping the crowd ultimately rocking and setting us up for the perfect party atmosphere. Volac came through with a tech-house vibe that circulated into bits and pieces of their own styles of bass house that trailed with vibes of sexiness. Both Phlegmatic and Volac took the stage for a special back-to-back set including some DNB-influenced tunes.

Take a look at some of the highlights below


We also caught with support acts Ekonovah and Austin Feldman and found out about their 2020 plans and new music.

Austin Feldman

RHR: How did you feel about your set?

AF: It's always a fun opportunity to have the chance to bring people onto the dancefloor when you get to open up a show and its a different experience vs playing to an already developed crowd. I always enjoy those opportunities because it allows me to craft my mixes a little bit differently than again, to an already developed crowd.

RHR: What are your plans for 2020 and for Austin Feldman?

AF: Keep releasing music, show the people that I have music that is viable for any opportunity for house music and keep playing shows that are appropriate to my sound on top of bigger label releases. I have another label release end of the year with "House of Hustle".

RHR: What are some things we should look out for?

AF: Look out for my next release "Esta Dentro" which is a Portuguese title, shout out to my fans in Brazil, I definitely wanted to make a song that applies to my Brazilian fans and American fans as well as English speaking fans. I appreciate everyone that has helped me behind the scenes allowing me to get where I need to be.

RHR: Who has influenced your sound thus far?

AF: It's been Bijou, Drezo and Gerry Gonza, who have really took me to another level. I've been respecting their hustle ever since my freshman year at ASU and noticing their hustle, while they promote that G house/dark sound that has allowed me to be who I want to be as an artist.


RHR: How did you feel about your set?

E: So it was a pretty rough day, just getting over a sickness; started the set kinda in a funk but in the end, everyone came together and made it wholesome.

RHR: You've been djing without headphones for a while now, how is that?

E: Funny story, my first set ever as Ekonovah I can be so forgetful but I left my headphones at the venue and never bothered to buy another pair. The next set I did end up buying I just never ended up using them to DJ with and it just became normal to not DJ with headphones, I liked the feeling of it and there was less to deal with especially with how long my hair is. It's just easier for me to not use headphones while DJing.

RHR: What are your 2020 plans?

E: Lots of shows planned and label releases, some self-releases as well, but be on the lookout next month for the announcements.

RHR: Anything we should look out for?

E: I have a release coming up that'll we'll be announcing soon, a couple of guest mixes and an end of the year mix with original stuff, flips and a lot of unreleased music.

RHR: What do you think 2020 will do the state of dance music?

E: I think EDM is going to continue have its own division and categories back when it started booming everything sounded pretty similar, after the electro and trance phase we had big room and ever since then we've had these different pathways that keep finding their own niches and ultimately grown into these big genres that we know and love now. I think genres like house and dubstep will continue to grow into their own space and that's amazing as well as keep innovating.

RHR: Would you ever incorporate DNB with your Ekonovah sound? Now that DNB is making more of a small comeback in the mainstream world?

E: Yes! I have a couple of Ekonovah demos that are laying around as well as trap, and I'll just mess around with different tempos that is completely left field for me.

RHR: What do you think is your biggest challenge for Ekonovah.

E: I've been experimenting using my own vocals in how I process but it's at a very early stage right now.


Overall the whole night was a complete success, the crowd loved every second of it and I found it to be one of the best programming slots that Shady Park has ever hosted. You can find out more about each of these artists below and follow their journeys.



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