TYNAN’S Collab Project “Interdimensional” feat singer/songwriter; Rouxx gives a glimpse of the future

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Bass producer, Kevin Hickey aka TYNAN recently announced on twitter about a collaboration with singer/songwriter Rouxx, the release became a whole lot more than anticipated and could very much be conceived as one of the possible precursor sounds of the next decade.

The captivating piano beginning leaves TYNAN fans curious while moving forward with r&b autotune vocals creating a warm emo-influenced vibe to set things off. 

Our vocals transform into a high energy trap anthem verse fit for anybody who needs to pump up their spirits. Huge trap horns and drums fill the room as our anticipation grows, the filter of sounds lead us up higher and higher tearing at our curiosity. 

We’re then hit with fat 808s and reimagined bass lines that will puzzle the mind but at the same time you can’t help but headbang to, this certainly raises a new bar for bass music. The production quality and sounds show exactly that bass music has a lot of innovation ahead of itself and TYNAN is at the forefront of it. You definitely won’t be disappointed bumping this tune on repeat.

This is only the beginning for the Oklahoma native with releases on Never Say Die, Wakaan, Deadbeats and more, we can’t wait to see what he takes a whole of next with his innovative mind-altering hard-hitting basslines it can only get even more crazier from here. We’ll be waiting.


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