Wooked On Tronics EP

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Are you hooked on this 710 wook king yet?

You will be once you listen to his new EP, ‘Wooked On Tronics’, which invites your soul to hear this wonky riddim flow. Jesse Kardon, raised out of Philly, is a 24 year old producer and DJ with so much love to radiate to our music scene. Not only is he known to keep us on our toes with his insanely intricate track chopping, he’s always caught flowing with some poi and other flow toys at festivals. He has now just jumped off playing Nocturnal Wonderland, which had us all hypnotized by the creative samples combining them with the classics. Then, Jesse blew up social media with his Lost Lands set, bringing out his producer/DJ girlfriend, Level Up, for recognition. After, to melt us away even more, his Wakaan set was rumored to have a set based off his new Wooked On Tronics, EP. Where it has more of the 808’s and experimental sounds.

The first song off his EP, ‘Death Wish’, still has that same riddim bass sounds to it. Yet, you can tell he’s slowed the vibe completely. Still adding his witty samples, like “stop squirming.” This song is the transition of his sounds Jesse is trying to show with the Wooked On Tronics EP. He then transforms into his next song with ‘Gryoscope’. The song starts off slower than the usual Subtronic’s tracks he creates. He mashes up these experimental sounds together while bringing back the same whistle like sound that is found in many of his songs. For example, the synth in ‘Omega Robot’ with Space Jesus and ‘Griztronics’ with Griz. Its becoming Jesse’s signature sound. The next song, ’Face Off’, starts melodic only to drop into the same riddim side of Subtronics once again. The grimy bass with fun percussions, that sound like little laser guns, is the perfect combination of Subtronics weird & creative side. He combines all his sounds and witty sampling into the next song, ‘Failure Rate’. The drop starts off with the Subtronic’s synth “whistle”, then he brings in the laser like percussions that turn into machine guns sounds. This song is reminded of how he surprises people at his sets with track chopping. For the last record of this EP, Jesse collabs with Moody Goody to create ‘Mad’. In the beginning, they start it off with the same melodic frequency that Jesse does with every song on this EP. The build up sounds like it’ll  have another heavy riddim drop; only to turn around and create a more innovated sound. Think of a creating Velociraptor sound and making a drop out of it. This is the perfect ending to show the experimental side of Subtronic’s new EP.

The Wooked on Tronics set was scheduled on the last night of Wakaan. Subtronics warned people it was going to be nothing like his usual sets and he wasn’t wrong. Wakaan artist are based off of the experimental downtempo and midtempo. The label was created by Liquid Stranger. Some of the artists that performed at Wakaan include Space Jesus, LSDream, and Champagne Drip. Instead of Subtronics coming out and throwing his usual high pace sets, he showed off this new sound he’s been curating. The downtempo, experimental combined with riddim is looking very nice on him. He even dropped some drum and bass and bass house in this set. Subtronic’s Wooked On Tronics EP is completely different than the Cyclops EP, which is hands down all riddim. You can listen to the wonky master right here now.


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