‘This Is The End’ collab with Gammer and David Spekter

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‘This Is The End’  collab with Gammer and David Spekter

Fresh out of the studio, Gammer and David Spekter just gifted us with an incredible single, ‘This Is The End”. A song about loss and hope, it reflects both of those emotions with a slow, soulful intro that builds into an uptempo beat to take the sting of heartbreak and struggle away. With the chorus “This is the end but it’s not over; we’ve never been closer. One day I will see you again” we couldn’t help but wonder what both artists were thinking when they collaborated.  It turns out that it wasn’t solely about heartbreak, but also a relationship to music. 

“This sound is very personal to me and David. It touches on a lot of the changes in my personal life as well as my ever changing relationship with music. I felt it fitting to put into a happy hardcore song being the genre that made me fall in love with it all.” 


“This song started as Matt’s struggle with feeling musically static, wanting to expand but not wanting to let his fans down; recognizing that moving on meant letting go. As we wrote it another more fundamental theme emerged…change. You say goodbye to people and places you’ve loved in hopes that one day, you can come back to that place in happiness instead of anger.” 


You can hear these words resonate when you listen to the lyrics and feel the melody running through your body in this track. For me personally, it accomplished what I believe they intended, feeling the bittersweet stages of life and knowing when to move on for growth. “The song is about the journey more than the outcome, that you can love something and it can love you back, and still, it’s the right thing to let it go.”

You can listen to the track here