Bassrush Massive: An Interview with Riot Ten

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Bassrush Massive & Riot Ten

Bassrush Massive by Relentless Beats has some incredible artists coming to play and I had the privilege of chatting with Riot Ten before the big event! 

You’ve performed quite a few shows in the last few years with Relentless Beats, how does the vibe of Bassrush stand out from other shows? 

Honestly, every Relentless Beats show I’ve played has been wild start to finish. The crowd in Arizona brings such an infectious energy and I expect this show to be the same. Super excited for my set this weekend. 

What’s been one of your strangest moments on tour? Any superstitious rituals or habits you have before performing? 

Great question! I’m honestly not too sure what the strangest moment is, there’s been a lot of shows over the last few years, and I don’t have any crazy superstitions. But I am obsessed with Pickles and take pickle back shots before every show. Haha Oh and I have to have my Juul on me at all times! 

Who or what has been influencing your style the most this past year?

I’ve been influenced by so many over the years it’s hard to say if there was on in particular this year. Most important to me is never allowing myself to be boxed into a specific genre of music. On my upcoming album, you’ll everything from dubstep to trap to hip hop and r&b. 

Tell us more about your support acts on your tour and how you’ve been able to work with each artist

Every support act on my tour was chosen for a reason and it’s because they are all DOPE artists- and good people. Everyone from GG Magree and Delta Heavy, to VAMPA, who is beyond killing it right now, and my good friends Yakz, Sharps, Jessica Audiffred, and more. I couldn’t be happier with how this all came together. Highly highly recommend catching all of their sets on my tour dates. 

You’ve mentioned in other interviews about bringing your girlfriend and sons on tour, has your youngest had the chance to see you up on stage yet? Any chance they’ll follow in your footsteps with musical interests?

I definitely want to! My girlfriend has come with me to quite a few shows and festivals around the country, which is great. I’ve also brought out my oldest son Chris Jr. during a couple of my sets. My youngest son just turned 2 years old so he’s still a little too young for the loud music, but I plan on it one day! I just hope that I make them both proud of their Dad. 

I know you’ve been touring quite a bit over the last few years but what do you enjoy outside of music? Any hobbies or activities you keep up with?

Playing video games and eating good food! Other than that, I just love hanging out with my kids and the family.  

I would love to know more about the charity event in El Paso to benefit the victims of the shooting. Can you tell us more about how it feels to be performing for an event such as this in your hometown?

The event took place last weekend and we raised over $18,000 for the victims of the shootings in both El Paso and Dayton. I was born and raised in El Paso, so this one really hit home for me. I just feel beyond grateful that I am in a position to help raise awareness and give back to the community that has shown me so much love over the years. 

That is so great. What else should we be on the lookout for? Any upcoming collabs with other artists or new vocalists?

Of course! The first single ,”Glocks”,off of my debut album drops on August 30th, which is a collab with SAYMYNAME. I’m really excited about that one as we have been talking for years about working on a song together. I also have a few others that will be on the album as well that I can’t discuss quite yet, but this album is my most cherished body of work to date. Hopefully the fans love it as much as I do. 

We can’t wait to see Riot Ten perform this weekend at Bassrush Massive! Make sure to grab your tickets and also give him a follow on socials!

IG: @riottenmusic

Twitter: RiotTenMusic

Facebook: Riot Ten

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